Epox 8rda3+ SATA Problem

My System specs is

Athlon XP 2000+
512+128 MB Ram (no dual channel)
Epox 8rda3+
Geforce 4 Ti 4200
1x 80gb Maxtor IDE (windows xp)
2x 80gb WD Sata
1x dvd-rw
1x cd-rom

The epox 8rda3+ had a dead bios but managed to hot-flash it
I used to have this system on an Abit AN7s until it unfortunately failed on me

The Problem is,
Everytime i access my Sata hdd the computer will pause for 10 seconds then resume back.
Furthermore i cannot run scandisk my that hdd, it will always pause at stage 4.
This problem happens on both of of the Sata Hdd while the Maxtor runs fine

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  1. Are the two SATA drives on a RAID 0, or merely individual drives?

    If not on a RAID, are they accessed thru an integrated RAID controller?

    Latest chipset drivers? (NF2?)

    (Use Microsft's default IDE driver, skip Nvidia's...)
  2. The Sata Drives are not on a raid and are controlled via onboard sil3112 sata raid controller
    and yes im using Nforce2 ultra 400 with the latest drivers from epox not nvidia
    the drivers from the sil3112 onboard Sata also comes from epox
  3. i have same MB and problem!
    1st sata drive ST120gb works fine
    but than i connect second hdd i have freezing in my os (xp, vista, seven - at all of them).

    bios settings, drivers, firmwares, hdd changes - no one idea can't fix this problem :(

    need help.
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