vertical coloured lines down the screen

i have a ati 9800pro in my dell 8300. im using a dell monitor. all has been working fine for two years but now i am getting vertical coloured lines which are dotted on the screen which i cannot get rid of. does anyone know why this is happening?
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  1. heat! the gpu-heatsink is failing! scrap it. buy an artic cooling vga silenser.
  2. I sounds like video card first thing to do is try reseating the card. Use driver cleaner and wipe all video drivers then install the latest catalysts. If that no workie then try to rma your card.
  3. I think your video card is fucked up . I know because it happened to me before. ı had got a 5700le. ı put an aftermarket cooler on it but it had not been contacting to the gpu( ı learned it when it was too late) ı was overclocking it and after a while thouse vertical lines appeared even in bios screen and my video card was dead :)
  4. if you did not oc-ed it`s probably a heat the case and clean the cooler.....also keep on eye on it......old coolers usually get stucked also...
    good luck
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