Expert help needed plz help

hello all, i need some serious help, just lately i upgraded my pc the components i bought was

sparkle nvidia 6600gt 128mb agpx8 graphics card, 512 ram ddr, network card and a 4 slot pci to usb..

well the problem i am having is my gaming...the 3d rendering gets stuffed up

in the images above i was playing css and wow, before i upgraded i was running a nvidia mx400. before wen i was gaming my card was great, graphics wasnt so detailed but it got the job done, it didnt stuff up ect,

now i hav got my new gear it seems every time i alt tab the graphic vectors jsut shoot out of the ground and cant seem to hold there position so to speak and if i exit the game and go to play or it later or even play a compleat diff game engine it is stuffed up graphics..also somtimes the pic freezes but sound is still heard..

if i reboot my sytem the error goes away and my games graphics are great. it seems the reboot refreshes the problemm...

i basicaly have to reboot my pc to play games. even wen switching from a compleaty diff game to another. eg wow->css

my system
pentium 4 2.6ghz
mobo: asus p4se
1gb ddr ram (with upgrade counted)
nvidia 6600gt 128 AGPx8
onboard soundcard
pci - usb
network card
400watt power suply

well i took my graphics card back thinking theres a problem with that and the shop gave me a compleate new 1. but wen i got home the error is still the thinking its somthing to do other than my graphics card now...

plz help me
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  1. Issue is either of:

    - HEAT

    - Video Card BIOS (which sets the timings of the Video RAM).

    If not overclocking and heatsink is firmly attached:
    - Flash the Video Card BIOS to latest version, if Sparkle do not offer this look for a Gigabyte Video Card BIOS update for a similar card and apply it to your card (will work fine so long as very similar model).

    When flashing the BIOS of the Video Card:
    - Do not mix up 6600 and 6600 GT
    - Do not mix up AGP 8X and PCIe x16
    - Do not mix cards with different amounts of video memory.
    - Avoid mixing cards with DVI, Video In, TiVo, WDM feature, etc with non ones (can still work fine if you do though)

    If you follow those rules you could flash it with pretty much any .BIN file from any other manufacturer (recommend Gigabyte as they know stable video RAM timings better than anyone, and it improves overclockability).

    Note to SLI users: You may need to go non-SLI, using only the 1st PCIe x16 slot when doing the video card BIOS update.

    I had exactly the same problem and know heaps of people (mostly X800 users playing Battlefield 2) with the same problem.... but it affects most games.

    People will say, "it is heat" over and over, but raising TRP and TRAS (of the Video RAM, via hacks or new different video card BIOS) will always fix the issue (if done correctly and as above). Heck GPU could be 82 C, VideoRAM fairly warm, and once TRP and TRAS are raised you can clock even higher and run it hotter with zero issues, and a perfect score of zero in all artifact testers known to work. (Most retail cards don't get perfect artifact scores even off the shelf sadly).

    The whole process takes about 5 minutes, including install the new driver, as the OS will detect the card again since its BIOS changed.
  2. lash the Video Card BIOS to latest version

    ok how do i do this..also will it stuff up my card if i do this wrong and is there a way i can get it set back to the ussual settings?

    tnx for ya help guys...ive tryed every thing... any 1 else hav an idea?
  3. You need a floppy drive, floppy disk nvflash and the BIOS file you are going to flash to the card. I just recently modded my cards bios to up the stock speed to 520Mhz lol. I'm trying to remember the exact commands to flash yoru card but im drawing a blank. Search google for NVflash and there should be some tutorials you can read on the commands.

    I'll see if i cant dig up the link I used here in a bit.
  4. ok thanks..if i stuff flashing my bios up will i be able to put it back to original. and also will it screw my card up?

    meh il giv it a shot this game thing is realy pissin g me off lol

    could you guys get me a bios that will work on my graphics card.

    Sparkle Nvidia 6600GT 128mb x8AGT

    also what is the best version Nflash i should download.

    i forgot to mention i am running my card in a AGPx4 slot this shouldnt cause any problems as the it shop i boughtit from said it is backwards compatible.

    also i read that you could edidit a bios using a program

    3) Insert the floppy disk with DumpBIOS on it and type "dumpbios" at the command prompt. This should save a copy of your CURRENT video card BIOS to the floppy.

    4) Restart your PC to Windows and install the "X-BIOS Editor".

    5) Open your saved BIOS file from the floppy disk with the "X-BIOS Editor".

    6) Click on the "Initialization" tab.

    7) Change the core clock (GPU) speed on each & every line.

    8) Change the memory speed on the FIRST LINE.

    9) Save the edited BIOS file to the floppy disk (using a different name than the one given to the BACKUP of your ORIGINAL video card BIOS, such as "newbios.bin").
  5. definately an overheat issue (i used to get v. similar when i ran gta3 & 9700pro with bad airflow, with better case & a couple of casefans it cleared up) try running with the side off the pc & check the seating of your cards heatsink... is it a passive, if so try adding a fan (eg zalman bracket with a 80mm fan to blow across card)
  6. ok il try that but i realy dont htink its the card has a fan and my power suply has a big 12cm fan on it and pc box is fairly cool.. il take side off and point a fan in there and see what happens lol..

    so any 1 else got any sugggestions or compatible bios files?

    could be heating because after a while of gaming the card grapgics start to flicker and sometimes they even just a merge into 1 colour and then the wak graphics happen
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