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I am using an older Chaintech GeForce FX5200 256mb on a Samsung Synchmaster 730b moitor. They are connected through the DVI. The trouble is that I am currently only ablr to use a refresh rate of 60mghz. This is a little tough on the eyes and I stare at this thing all day. The user guide for the card indicates that I should be able to refresh at between 60 and 150, but these options do not exist for me to select.

I am using up to date drivers. Is the DVI some how limiting my refresh rate? Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot for the help.
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  1. That monitor should be able to support 75Hz refresh at 1280x1024.

    Did you install the drivers for the monitor ? It's possible that the monitot is not being recognised correctly.

    Also, I believe there is some software available for that monitor. Maybe that will enable you to change the refresh rate (not sure about this though).

    If all else fails, you can uncheck the 'Hide modes that this monitor cannot display' and then select 75Hz.

    Hope this helps
  2. I am presently using 1024x768 and can only select 60hz. The monitor is being recognized correctly in the device manager.

    Here is the kicker, ordinarily I would not uncheck the "hide modes..." but when I did, it still only shows 60hz as a possible option.
  3. That's weird.

    I have a 19" Philips LCD monitor on my spare PC, and I remember having problems with the refresh rates with later nVidia drivers when I loaded the latest Philips drivers. My solution was to go back to the older drivers that came on the CD with the monitor because they worked better.

    That's really the only other option I can think of. Sometimes the monitor drivers conflict with the gfx card drivers.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help :?
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