MSI K8N Neo4-F... I have a couples of problems...

Here's my computer specifications:
-AMD Athlon 64 3500+ CPU
-MSI K8N Neo4-R motherboard
-250Gb Maxtor S-ATA HD
-XFX GeForce 6600 GT 128Mb PCI-E video card
-2 x 512Mb DDR400 memory

First question is: Anyone got troubles with NVIDIA's IDE drivers? I downloaded the latest from MSI's web site, and when I install them, my computer freeze a lot. When I use Microsoft's IDE, everything is fine...

Second question: Why do we need to put the 2 dimm memory in different color slots to get Dual Channel? I saw a couple of other motherboards where you need to put the 2 dimm in the same color slots.

Third question: I plugged my SATA HD on SATA1 port and my 2 DVD drives on IDE 1... Is it the correct way to plug?

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  1. There have been reported problems with the nvidia ide drivers. If you are running fine without them, then you do not need to install them.

    The DIMM slots can be whatever colors and in whatever order the board manufactures want. In this case, green is channel A and purple is channel B.

    Your drives are plugged in fine as long as you have the DVD drives set up as master & slave. If you will be doing a lot of direct copies from DVD to DVD, you may want to put one of the drives on IDE2.
  2. The memory has to be in the particular slots for dual channel to work. If both are in the same color on this board, it will run in single channel mode.
    I agree, no reason to use the nvidia ide driver if the microsoft one works.
  3. MSI didn't take heat dissipation into account when they designed that board, i have it too. Only single sided memory would work in dual channel if placed in alternating slots.

    BTW does anyone know the OC capability of this mobo? i can't find any review for it....
  4. Based on what others have said, this board has little OC capability. Other than using D.O.T. (Dynamic OC) there's little room for anything else, except adjusting some voltages...
  5. i have this board and im VERY happy with my decision. With my 3500 im pushing 2.6 ghz :) a nice 400 mhz increase.
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