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I'm putting together a computer for a friend, andcame across this board.. However, I can't find any reviews on it :( . The board will be used to overclock a X2 3800+ or a 165, and he will not be using SLI.

The obvous choice is a lanparty nf4-ultra or an epox 9npa+ ultra, but the Abit looks cooler than the epox (he'll be using a BigWater SE, so.. :) )and has the same price tag.

Now, anyone know the capabilities of this board? i know the AN8 is quite good, but the KN8 is hardly in the same price-range.. Other suggestions are welcomed too. I'm trying to get him a lanparty, cos the UV-effects are c00l, but it's a bit more exensive that the rest, so..
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  1. Really? no one has ever heard anything of he KN8??

    8O And here I thought this forum is all-knowning :P
  2. I would not use the KN8 for overclocking, it can do it but not very well and its certainly not a pro overclocker board. The AN8 is a much better and easier to overclock board as it has uguru.

    I certainly would not buy a KN8 to go with such a serious rig that includes watercooling

    May struggle to find a AN8 though
  3. Ok, thanks for the reply.. He settled for the DFI, so there goes that problem :)
  4. I bought a KN8 Ultra maybe a month ago. I'm not planning to overclock it, or maybe only slightly just for grins. I put a 3200+ (Venice) and an eVGA 6600 on it. So far I've been very satisfied, although I'm not a hardcore gamer (I do play a lot of Guild Wars, but not FPS). It has 4 DDR slots (2 used now), 4 SATA ports, and I forget how many extra USB headers, but more than I need (8?), not counting 4 USB ports in the back.
    The only glitch I've found is that the extra fan I put in the back isn't reporting its speed even though it has a 3-pin connector. I suspect that's most likely the fan. It may be that only only the front fan header gets reported; I've not dug into it yet.
  5. ive got one as well, have my cpu OC 200mhz higher, with plans to go more, and its fine, but yea if ur going to do serious OC, pick a DFI
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