dual core utilization for audio record/ monitoring latency?

Hey, I was wondering if having a dual core would give a significant performance boost in the realm of audio recording. I've seen all the benches for rendering, that's not what I'm really after. Specifically, I'm interested in if it could help me achieve lower latency in audio monitoring. I use Sonar 5.

I'm also wondering how much effect memory would have on this. I'm not entirely sure of the process for audio caching/ live monitoring, but I think what happens is the audio cache fills with the number of samples you have set in the buffer and then the cpu gets instructions to render it according to irq priorities, while in the off time the proc is filling other instructions from other irq's. But is this cache in the processor or in mem?

I thought I bought two matched DDR sticks, but they're unmatched so my memory is running at freq of 157mhz with timings of 2.5-4-4-5. The better stick has 200mhz at these timings (or near them-- I don't remember exactly), so would in I benefit in this application (or in general) from getting a stick that matches that one?

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  1. Not that much but I would recommend 2 matched Memory sticks running in Dual Channel if you platform supports that.

    Would you please post your complete specs for us?

    Thanks :D
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