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Hello, my boss asked me to download the 3.5 Client Framework. I can only find just the standalone installer for 3.5 (Which errors on us). Im not exactly sure what he is talking about i was wondering if someone could please explain the difference and provide a link(Ive been looking).
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  1. Windows 7 already includes that version of the .Net Framework and so you won't be able to install it.
  2. Thats the impression I was under but we have setup a very simple exe in VS 2008 SP1 and when running the program gives the typical .net problems, in our case immediately errors and closes.
  3. And ive "turned on" .net 3.5.1 which should have all the frameworks we need.
  4. VB programs built with VS 2008 SP1 run just fine on my Windows 7 system without having installed .Net. I suspect the program in question must have some other issue.

    Have you tried running the program on another system, or have you tried running a simple "Hello World" program built with VS 2008?
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