To build or wait?

I have not put together a computer at all before but i am going to start some where around june/july. Currently i would like to know some people thoughts on my current computer and if i should build one now or wait till those AM2 or whatever it is that would be released?

Current specs-

Intel Celeron(R) CPU 2.40 GH, northwood
2x128 MB DDR-SDRAM samsung PC2100(133mhz)
Intel mobo- chipset i845G, no idea what's the name is, model #D84GVSR
Graphics- i think im using the integrated video thing on the mother board, intel graphic or whatever
10GB IBM hard drive
sound-dont kno what im using probably intergrated too
OS-windows XP Pro

yes i know this is a crappy machine but it lasted me for about 5 years i think or when ever windows xp first came out cause i bought it around that time and didnt cost me much. I only used it for officework, internet, and some light gaming- was able to play warcraft 3 reign of chaos or watever, and watching some dvds.

At the moment i would like to know if i should wait for the new tech around july and build?
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  1. at the moment i intend on spending $1500-1700 on a new budget/gaming computer but i can wait yet i must build one before august.
  2. i was considering those parts for some days but wonder if i should get the 7800GT instead of the X1900XT because im not really that hardcore type gamer and dont really play games like fear or BF2.
    plus i also need to buy an LCD moniter with my budget, any brands to recommend that are reliable? i would like the screen to be 20" or higher
    thanks for the help :D
  3. If you want to wait, wait for conroe and then see whats faster, cheaper and whatever.

    AM2 is just the current AMDs with DDR2 (no huge performance benifits)
  4. oc the celeron and surly you can wait for about 4 months (save for an extreme system)
  5. With todays latest hardware... Is it possible to play UT07 at a resolution of 1280x1024 at the highest setting? or shall we wait... Im really excited about this new ut :)
  6. You could possibly wait for Conroe and AM2 to see which has the better performance and benchmark results. However, it might take a little while for the compatibility of these new processors with motherboards to reach maturity, and I'm sure these will be fairly expensive since they will have just been released. Normally, with new socket releases and core releases it takes a little time for the products to fully mature and take full advantage of the technology, and I don't think Conroe or AM2 will be any different.

    If you want a system now, you might as well go with AMD socket939. Sure, the roads to upgrading it are going to be cut off, but prices are falling and they will continue to do so and socket939 is still a good route to go.
  7. I agree.

    Socket 939 is still very good and has some life left in it.

    I would suggest an Opteron 170 or higher + nForce4 + 7800GT ( but keep in mind the 7900 is going to be released in 3-5 days ). I am not suggesting you get 7900 just wait a few days for the prices to drop ;-)

    good luck :D
  8. At the minimum a socket 939 board would be good enough until the M2 is out and all the kinks are worked out :)
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