OCZ Platinum Performance and Timing Question

I just put together a new system.

Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
2 Gigs OCZ Platinum Series V2 (2x 1Gig Modules)
Evga 7800 GT CO (at 470 MHZ)
550 Watt Antec Tru Power V 2.0
78 Gig Raptor

The Memory is installed in DDR-DIM A1 and DDR-DIM B1 (blue colored slots), per the manual.

I installed all of the motherboard drivers and set up the bios to run in AI Autoclock mode at 10% I have the memory running on Auto right now and I haven't tweaked the timings yet.

When I check out CPUZ, The timings for the memory read: Frequency 105.0 MHZ, and the timings are 2.5, 3,3,5. Is the frequency right for Dual Channel DDR400 ram? On the SPD timing table it is reading 200MHZ and in the bios the ram is registering at 200MHZ. I am only getting a 2504 bench mark on Sandra Professional for the memory.

Any suggestions on how to improve performance.
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  1. (i learned this at a downtown festival from some man on his laptop)
    put the blue fuzzy thing on your computer and it will go faster
  2. Blue fuzzy thing?
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