Upgrading and im not sure what to do?

I currently have dual 256 in my computer and im looking to improve my performance with games. im not sure if i should get a 512 or dual 512.
If i get dual i will be runing all four stick at the same time, will this decrease performance of my system?(not sure what my mobo is but i have a HP pavilion a 1210n with a 6600 PCI-E)
Also should i be concerned with OC, or just buy some cheap ram from ncix or something (i dont even know how to OC)
I really need help cause i dont really know anything about ram other than i need a 3200.
please help. Thankyou in advance! :)
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  1. Whats the full system specs?
    Is this DDR or DDR2 memory?
    I am assuming your running 2x128 mb sticks right now. How many open memory slots do you have? Sometimes HP is scimpy on memory slots.
    Overclocking, forget about it. You cant do that with hp, compaq, sony, or just about any prebuild. They have a custom bios that does not have the options to overclock.
    Sometimes HP systems are real picky on the memory that they can use. Some may only take double sided, some only single sided.
  2. What processor do you have?

  3. Dude, you already posted this question here. So I give you same response:

    If you don't plan to overclock (most OEM boards aren't good for it), then I wouldn't worry about it. You could easily get 1GB (2 512s) of any of the value series of rams from Crucial, Geil, Kingston, etc. for under $100 then sell your 2 256s on eBay and get a little cash back. You'll be hard pressed to get 2 GB for under $100.00 even if it is a value ram and even if you sell your old stuff.
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