Wont let me dual boot windows 7 and 8. need help

Hello. I purchased a copy of windows 8 to dual boot with. Now my computer just boots to windows 8. No windows 7 option.

Here is what I did to do the install:

In windows 7, I went into disk management, found my main SSD where windows 7 was installed. On the largest one, with the free space I right clicked and hit shrink. I added 80gb of space. I then had free space open. I did format with NTFS

I placed the disk for windows 8 in the DVD tray and restarted. Booted into the windows 8 install. After windows 8 was installed it booted right up. Internet works fine, no problems.

I restarted to see if i could get windows 7 running and I could not, boots direct into windows 8.

In windows 8 i can see my old windows 7 folder (now the f drive) but wont give the option to boot.

I did find the dual boot option (forgot the name) in windows 8 but it only showed windows 8 as default and no other OS.

Anyone have this happen? Any one have any fix/tips for this?

Thank you all!
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  1. Hi inerax. As long as you haven't formatted away your Win7 partition, it shouldn't be difficult at all :)

    Step 1 - The trick is that you'll have to disable 'Fast Startup'. Otherwise Win8 bootloader will trample all over the Win7 bootloader. Go here to find out how to do it :)

    Step 2 - Download and install Easy BCD. That will make your job easy. Just add the 2 OS'es and choose your default startup. You can do that from [Run > msconfig > Boot] as well. It's just that you won't get as many options ;)
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