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Hi! I have just recently decided that I'm going to build a pc. I have looked at lots o' possibilities and came up with the following:

-GigaByte GA-K8N PRO-SLI Motherboard
-(not sure about what heatsink)
-Antec TruePower 2.0 TP-II 550watt
-AMD +4000
-ThermalTake VB1000BWS Soprano ATX
-Kingston 1GB HyperX PC3200 DIMM
-Seagate BArracuda ST3160023A 160gb
-eVGA e-GeForce 6800 GS
-Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS sound card

I have talked to some builders and they said that what I have is good, but I have heard otherwise on the Motherboard. So Im kinda torn as what to do and how good this looks and MAY work. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to give them to me.

NOTE: I am going to do casual to mid level gaming, some music, and maybe overclocking.
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  1. Looks like a pretty good system.

    I haven't had any experience with Gigabyte.

    Why are you choosing an SLI board? I don't think you can SLI a 6800GS(I could be wrong) and SLI is overrated anyhow. Check out the NF4 Ultra boards like the Epox 9NPA+ Ultra like I have or the DFI equivalent. You'll save some bucks that you can throw at an extra stick of ram(highly recommended, as you will be able to run in dual-channel and your system will run faster).

    As for the SLI vs Single card issue, you'll be better off buying one of the high end cards because one ATI 1900XTX will kick 2 7800GT's asses. I don't know for sure about the GTX's though. Probably.

    You shouldn't need an aftermarket heatsink, AMD's stock cooler is great for mild overclocking.
  2. Sounds like a pretty stable system but you should probably consider changing out the motherboard. Before i build my new computer i was using a Gigabyte mobo and it was a good board but lack of user support and lack of updates sord of turned me away. If i were you i would go with DFI or ASUS, maybe even ABIT. Just throw in some higher name brands because the support that comes with these boards are much better than Gigabytes i can assure you of that. And for the record a single x1900, at least i dont think im not 100% sure, wont kick two gtx's asses. But the x1900 is a damn good card. If i were you i would hold off a few months and wait for the 7900 series to come out and purchase it. Save your money just a wee bit longer to get that.
  3. Thanks for the info.. I was planning on adding another card eventually (tight budget) or getting another mid range card

    I wanted the sli cuz i wanted to eventually upgrade it. I don't have all of the money to buy everything at one time, so that's why i don't have high end parts. and Im not a gamer that needs the absolute best. I can live with jaggies just as long as detail is good and framerates.
    As for the motherboard, what would you recommend? The gigabyte is about 100$, I can go to 150 or 160 but that's it. I was planning on spending about 1700 on the whole system with monitor, keyboard, drives everything including a desk because my current pc is in the office and it is an old one, but still decent until I can afford my whole pc.
    It's a Dell dimension 4550,
    One stick of Kingston 1gb ram and a 256 stick (origional part)
    Geforce MX 420 (feel free to laugh, but it gives me good frames on the games i have so far)
    60gb hd
    and a 250 watt psu that I can't replace cuz of the case fitting hole

    My plan is to have this new pc in my room, with any level of sound but high to moderate quality. Thanks in advance
  4. Hey, quick question, San Diego core or Venice???
  5. CORRECTION: not Venice but Clawhammer, sorry.
  6. Hey prozac, how's the 9550 working for you? It is a possible upgrade for my dell. just wonderin.
  7. I agree with both purelithium and Aids that your system seems stable enough and I commend you on picking most of your parts carefully. I have a few minor recommendations though.

    1) If you do decide to get the AMD 4000+ definitely go with the San Diego core and not the Clawhammer. The price difference in them now is maybe a dollar and the San Diego has a lower power consumption and better heat dissipation and better overclocking capabilities.

    2) I would recommend an Asus motherboard. DFI is an excellent choice too if you are going for extreme over clocking. But from what you said:

    NOTE: I am going to do casual to mid level gaming, some music, and maybe overclocking.

    It looks like to me you want something with good stability and good overclocking capabilities (not that DFI doesn't have good OCing capabilites, their's are much more in-depth and broader), but from what I have heard people have had more issues with DFI board (I have never owned one though). I do own an Asus SLI - Deluxe though and I have never had any problems with it at all.

    3) Go for 2GB (2 x 1GB sticks) of RAM. It will help in your games. From what I have read about Kingston, they make good RAM. Other brands that you should also look into before you commit to your choices are OCZ, Mushkin, Corsair, and perhaps G. Skill.


    These are merely recommendations though. I am by no means a complete expert on hardware, I just like to help when I can. I suggest going to various other websites and researching perhaps what combinations of products might work best together and taking a look at bench marks of various products compared.

    Here is a comparison of various DDR 2GB kits:
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