I have recently purchased a gateway media center rite at christmas time and i didnt notice anything particular with it until i went to see if i can upgrade my mobo. I noticed that my case had a particular way of mounting the mobo on the other side so i went online and see why it did that. I now know that it has was a BTX factor, a big ass tube runs thru the comp with only 2 120mm fans on each side, not even the cpu has a fan, and i got a pentium D, so it gets hot when in full load. Im wondering thats the best BTX mobo out there for a pentium based cpu

---Thx Mike
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  1. I found one and i hope itll work for the processor you bought cus i know nothing about intel mobos, processors etc. I hope this helps but it is kind of expensive, only one that wasnt crap that i could find.

    MOBO, socket 775
  2. Well its a great Mobo xept the price, but ill keep looking, thx tho :wink:
  3. yea, btx is pretty new, i doubt gateway would have put it in a system around xmas time, its probably an atx mobo flipped upsidedown, if u open the case from the right side, then it probably is an atx mobo..
  4. d00d, BTX is ancient in computer terms, being around 2 years old! It's been in OEM systems for over a year, and the only reason it seems "new" to anyone is because of customer resistance at the retail level.
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