Help needed 6200 TURBOCACHE Problem (please :P)

I'm trying to help a friend both turn up, and figure out how much, video memory his 6200 Turbocache has. I think when I installed it it was set to 16 megs. He has an Asus A8N-E, and i walked him through the bios over the phone and it didnt sound like anything in there would do it. Anyone know how to find this out? and turn it up?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A bit more info, in his video card settings, it shows up from the driver as 256 mb, which I read it is supposed to do, I guess that also means he has the 64 mb version, maybe...
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  1. Coolbits is the way to go wit this graphics card , isnt it a Nvidia?? but yea Coolbits is a standard overclocking program for all Nvidia cards, that should do the trick. Heres where to download it.

    Coolbits download site
  2. Well if i remember correctly turbocache uses the computers ram instead of dedicated graphics card ram, therby cutting costs.

    Yep the 6200 comes in 3 flavours:

    GeForce 6200 w/ TurboCache supporting 128MB, including 16MB of local TurboCache:
    GeForce 6200 w/ TurboCache supporting 128MB, including 32MB of local TurboCache:
    GeForce 6200 w/ TurboCache supporting 256MB, including 64MB of local TurboCache:

    His card will have 16mb by the sounds of it , then when memory is needed it will use the 16mb on the card then suck upto 112mb (16+112=128mb)of his normal ram. Lets hope he has enough ram hey.

    Hope that clears it up, his bios is correct and the nvidia drivers will controll the memory usage.
  3. Sorry, but are you saying you cannot set the amount of memory the card uses? The nvidia drivers do that automatically? That sucks if that is the case....

    Also, someone posted one time that they were getting decent fps, 40 or so i think, on medium-low settings, 1024x768 in bf2, with essentially an indentical comp to the one i built my friend... (with the turbocache). But why would my friends be lagging out, unless the turbocache isny working properly, and its stuck with just using the onboard memory only.

    System Specs of my friends comp:

    Athlon 64 3000+ s939
    1 gig samsung original pc 3200
    sata 160 gb
    asus a8n-e
    nvidia 6200 turbocache (Im fairly sure i purchased the 16mb card, however the system is showing it as 256mb, which must mean that it is the 64 mb card, assuming that reading is right)
    ahhh... power supply antec truepower 550w or something like that, smartpower maybe... a nice power supply anyways
    um... so yeah, i think something has got to be wrong, cause he says he cant play bf2 at all

    I will probably be heading to his house on the weekend, so I can look at it in person, and try to figure some stuff out (maybe he as AA on or something :P)

  4. Ok so basically ive been searching to the deep corners of the internet, and yeah, the turbocache can steal memory as it needs it... so thats better then allocating memory i guess.. anyways, it still doesnt give a reason why the comp would be getting like 5 fps by the sound of it bf2, even if he has the 16 mb card, it should have 128 with the turbocache....

    anyways, if anyone has done anything with this card,

    my friend will most likely be buying a new card, since when i built him this comp it wasnt for gaming at all, thats why i put in the 6200 tc. Any suggestions? not sure what his budget is, but probably between $150-250 CDN, or whatever i can convince him to get. im thinking either a 6600 gt, for $150 CDN, or maybe an x800 gto2, for $217 CDN, but i heard they had driver issues with bf2 right now (so he wouldnt be too happy if i told him to get that card :P) or.... maybe a 6800 gs

  5. You're getting 5fps cause it's a turbocache, that's worse than an mx400....which is bad

    Edit: x800 is far better than 6600. Overclockable to 850xt pe speeds usually.
  6. The 6200 Turbocache is not worse then an mx400, even if you are being hugely sarcastic. Check out the benchmarks, and you will see it performs similar to like a 5900 in current games, actually better in most.

    and also, look at the benchmarks for the 6600 gt, it does better in most against the x800 xl, which is better then a gto, no? Do price for performance I still think a 6600 gt is best



    Roger that, just reading about the x800 gto2, definately going to convince him to get that, bios flash and you get x800 xt speeds? i say god damn
  7. yes I was being sarcastic :) I've not compared 6600's, but I can tell you that an 800pro oc'ed with opened pipes plays everything, including fear at 1024x768 with everything enabled flawlessly, assuming the rest of the system is up to it.
  8. The x800gto is the same stock speeds as the x800xl but the xl has 16 pipes the gto has 12.

    The x800xl is the equivalnt to the 6800gt.

    My gto wll run bf2 all maxed, ok its overclocked but thats the beauty of them they overclock by a lot easily.

    The 6600gt will run bf2 on medium

    The GTO2 is a nice card the only thing was when I decided to get a card the gto2 cost the same as the x850xt so ther was no point.

    X850xt are cheap now and will handle bf2 easily.

    The ati probs with bf2 are mainly people using old unsupported cards e.g the 9200 the recent patch made them not work.

    I say go gto2 or find a cheap x850
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