Me Power Supply enough ?

Hello my baby brothers,
a communist has a question. think a 300 watt hi quality hi power zalman P/S is enough to power this setup. p/s has 18A/12V btw. max on +5/+12 is 280 Watt

p4 prescott 3.0
2 gig ram ddr
6800 GS
1 HDD 7200 RPM
1 SB Audigy
1 DVD +R/+RW
case fan and CPU fan are all set to low so not applicable power usage.

I have a thermaltake 420 Watt I could use but it is Non-PFC and is not as high quality as my beloved Zalman.
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  1. Yes I should be enough power for that setup. I have ran the TT 420 and it should be about the equivalent to the zalman as regards to max amps it can deliver. All you can do is try it and see what the voltage is doing.
  2. thank you my comrades. i have tried it and it works. i will someday maybe install my thermaltake 420 watt if I add other peripherals.

    your friend and communist ally,

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