OC'ing prob on my EP-9NPAJ+..

well as the subject says,i'm having a problem oc'ing my proc..my specs at my signature..well this is the problem..the normal FSB is 200 and the multiplier of my proc is 9..so i oc'd it and made the FSB hit to 250 np..but the problem is everytime i try to hit 260 that's where my system goes "loko" or doesn't want to boot anymore..good thing that i can reset the mobo in a fly..so does this mean that i still have to unlock my proc or mobo??any help will be well apprciated..tnx in advance! :D
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  1. Did you increase the CPU voltage?

    Did you do anything with the memory?

    And did you adjust the Northbridge voltage?

    this just additional info that'll help us help you.
  2. yeah.
    Rise all your voltages.[not of ddr]
    Put your ht multplier to 2x or so not 5x.
    Put your ddr at 166mhz.

    i got that mobo too, and fastest i go was 300 but then games act vierd:)

    but the mobo rocks, always you find something new.

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