Is this anuff to water cool my cpu and gpu?

I'm new to the whole water cooling deal, not to OCing though. I was wondering if my radiators could handle my cpu and gpu. heres what I got.

2 x 80mm all copper thermeltake radiators and a 332gph pump. this has to cool a opty 146 and a x1800xl gpu, of coures these will be OCed as high as they can go. The cpu is the mian concern. The gpu is if it can handle it or if you guys think it's worth it. How much more do you think I can get form water on the x1800xl? I know most will do xt speeds on stock but run real hot.
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  1. that should be plenty to cool it and even overclock both, water will conduct the heat away from them alot more efficently than air, achually i think you could do with a 2x120mm rad, that should be surfficent to cool it, i currently have my rad out my window and im getting temps of about 3C to 5C. basically water will transfer heat alot more efficently than air the problem is getting the heat into the water in the first place and then getting it back out of the water. hope i havent confused you too much lol :D
  2. the crappy dual 80mm tt radiator will NOT handle both cpu and gpu and can probably get by with only a cpu with no or limited OC.

    the pump is anemic at best and i'm not sure about head pressure.

    you also need a good cpu and gpu block which will cost you again... you are far from a good watercooling rig and OCing those chips
  3. well I geuss I need a subpump and a radiator from a semi truck :cry:
    The pumps more powerfull then anything on dangerden website. The silent water and other self contained systems use one 120mm radiator and a 70gph pump, so I think I'm good on the cpu. I have a friend who runs a cnc mill and has some copper. I plan to copy a water block from one of the big makers. My plan was to go from the pump-rad-cpu-rad-gpu-reservoir. If I can't swing the gpu I'll get a zalman cooler.
  4. 1) a radiator from a semi truck will perform very bad in a water loop because you'll need a whole lot of pump power to go through all the restrictions - and with more pump power, you get more heat dump... which cancels out any effects of the bigger radiator

    2) your pump is rated for flow, not for head pressure, without that, i can't tell you how good your pump is. danger den pumps including teh d5 and the ddc all will out perform that pump fyi

    3) DON'T get a zalman block, read my sticky for waterblock recommendations. and if you decide to make one... good luck =]
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