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Another "Help me choose a new system" post!

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March 1, 2006 11:16:21 PM

OK -- I need a bit of help choosing a new system, as always. Looking to build either of the following using parts purchased from The common parts will be:

Thermaltake 600W power supply
Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual Core
2 Gig Corsair TWINX2048 3200C2PRO RAM
WD 150gig Raptor 10K Harddrive
Standard DVDRW and CDRW drives

Now, my choices are in the motherboard and videocard depts. I can either go with:

A8N32-SLI Deluxe nForce4 SLI
TWO eVGA 7800GTX 256MB


ASUS A8R-MVP Crossfire
ONE Connect3D X1900XT 512MB and
ONE Connect3D X1900XTX 512MB

Price is roughly the same, give or take about $200 for the Crossfire setup and perhaps limited availability. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!


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March 1, 2006 11:32:41 PM

Forgot to mention that the system will be used primarily to play graphic-intensive upcoming games such as Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Thanks!
March 2, 2006 2:58:49 AM

prozac is right about how the two X1900's will kill two 7800GTX's. However, you may want to read about the Asus A8R - MVP:

Here's a review:

If you do decide to go the Crossfire route. Asus just released it's A8R32 - MVP and a few other companies are soon to follow with motherboards based on the Socket 939 and the ATI RD580 chip.

Although there won't be an enormous amount of choices among motherboards supporting both the ATI RD580 chip and Socket 939 since it seems like quite a few companies are skipping the Socket939 and waiting for the AM2 to be released.

All your other specs seem top tier, nice job. 8)


I hope this helps.
March 2, 2006 3:37:49 AM

Thanks for the responses so far!

Actually, I had read that article by Anandtech, but wasn't quite clear of the difference between the A8R and the A8R32, except where overclocking was concerned. I haven't had much success in that area and, so, wasn't planning on overclocking anyway.

Sounds like the X1900's are the way to go for now. I had thought about waiting; however, if you wait for one thing, you end up waiting forever. And, with my current PC (which hasn't been upgraded in years), I think I've waited long enough and am justified in spending what I will with this. :D