New computer crashing upon driver installation.

When I'm in the middle of installing my soundcard drivers in Windows XP Pro, the machine immediately reboots and I recieve a bluescreen of death and continuous reboot. I've tried moving the card to different slots, ensured that the onboard sound was disabled and was installing the latest drivers for the card. If I unplug the card it will boot up to Windows but it seems to be messed up to the point where Windows needs to be reloaded.

The card itself is a Philips SonicEdge 5.1 card.

My computer specs are:

AMD Opteron 170
ASUS NForce4 A8N-E Motherboard
2 x 1GB Corsair XMS
ATI Radeon X1900XT
2 x 74GB WD Raptor @ RAID 0 / Boot Drive
Maxtor 40GB
Aspire 500w PS

Any ideas?
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  1. Could be a bad card.
    Do you have another computer you could try it in that you dont mind reloading windows if necessary?
    If the computer runs fine with the card installed but not the drivers then I would say its either a bad card or the drivers really suck.
  2. Well, the card worked in my old computer so im thinking the drivers are absolute garbage. Guess I'll be using onboard for now.
  3. try the origional drivers that came with the card. Sometimes the newest drivers arent always the best.
    You didnt by chance change operating systems did you? Like from 98 or me to xp?
  4. with the card out; start the machine, go to bios and look through everything and make sure the onboard audio is Disabled, save changes and restart, go to safe mode Administrator, go to add remove programs, remove anything related to the sound, go to device manager open sound and remove everything in there, when you are sure you got it all, shut the machine down and restart it normally, everything should work but there should be no audio, shut it down and add your card, PS; I hope you have plug and play enabled, it just makes many steps here easier
  5. Quote:
    Well, the card worked in my old computer so im thinking the drivers are absolute garbage. Guess I'll be using onboard for now.

    You said it worked in your old computer?
    What windows were on the old computer - windows XP?

    If your old computer is running (lets say)windows 98 and you installed the drivers from the cd (auto install) and it worked ok, and then you installed the sound card in the other computer running windows xp.?

    Your sound card may not be windows xp capable - or the cd has no windows xp drivers and its trying to load maybe NT or 2000 (or worse Win98) Drivers.

    When windows xp first came out not all hardware was capable. I remember having issues with NICs, sound cards and modems with windows xp. Alot of these companies (manufacture) never released xp drivers - therefore your sound card just may not be windows xp capable. :cry:

    Not sure if Im going down the right road here - but needed to ask you the question to maybe help. :wink:

    You may want to check with the manufacture's web site and see if they any updated drivers for windows xp :wink:
  6. Hey BMXDave,

    How did you end up solving the problem? I have a similar one myself.

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