Ok then what do you use your computer for?

The thread concerning PS3 vs PC kind of starteled me. Seems most people use their PC's for games a failry large portion of the time.

Personally I couldn't even imagine contemplating the above question as 75% of the stuff I use my PC for just couldn't be done on a console.

So roughly what percentage is the top 5-6 things you use your computer for. As an example here would be mine.

Work would break down like this.
CAD - Specifically Autocad & MDT - 65%
Internet/Mail - 20%
Word/Excel/Access - %5
Misc 5%
Gaming 5%

Internet/Mail - 30%
DVD Authoring/Burning 20%
CAD - 15%
Gaming - 15%
Misc - 15%
Word/Excel/Access - 5%

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  1. 40% - Games (Mostly Counter-Strike Source)
    40% - Digital Video Recording/Playback (nearly 100 gigabytes)
    1% - Email (Gmail Rocks!)
    5% - Homework (in final college semester)
    5% - Digital MusicMP3 Player (Yahoo! Music Unlimited)
    8% - Internet Surfing
    1% - Typing AMD Fanboy messages on this board
  2. 40% gaming
    50% tom's hardware lol 8)
    50% listening to AC DC and black sabbath etc lol (this is the same time on the intenet and this forum)
    10% word processing for school (however, this is only partially true, since i have slacked off sooo bad i haven't done work this semester
  3. I do lots of shit:

    C/C++ Programming
    3D Rendering (Maya 7 mostly)
    Cg Programming
    DirectX Game Programming
    Listen to sweet tunes
    Learning more about computers (thank you internet! :))
    Illegal Downloads

    That's pretty much it.

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
  4. 50% porn
    70% gaming
    15% e-mail
    26% learning math
  5. yeah i pretty much download music while the internet is on since i have dialup so i have to use the time wisely, and not block the phone all day downloading.

    gaiming is when i'm offline
  6. Quote:
    50% porn
    70% gaming
    15% e-mail
    26% learning math

    161%, you must be overclocking!
  7. My computer usage would be something like:
    40% Internet Surfing, mainly reading AMD fanboy posts
    20% Misc. video stuff
    20% Schoolwork, (OpenOffice)
    15% Games
    5% Trying my best to make heads or tails of Linux

    I really need to up my gaming time.
  8. ME=

    %100-PORN(hehe i have too much downloaded, o well i got a 300 GB HD for a reason)
    %25-SCHOOL WORK(stupid school)

    OUT of %500
  9. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5430343841227974645 :)

    Work 60%
    Visiting forums 20%
    Downloading stuff 5%
    Movies 5%
    Games 5%
    Other 5%
  10. Work:
    CAD (AutoCAD 2005 specifically)- 30%
    Email - 30%
    Internet (citrix apps mostly) - 20%
    Word/Excel/Powerpoint: the other 20%

    Internet (including downloading music, porn, movies, etc): 50%
    Games: 20%
    Watching TV shows/movies: 20%
    Misc (encoding/burning): 10%
  11. Work:

    50% SecureCRT
    30% Email
    10% Internal company web apps
    10% Visio, word, excel


    60% Gaming
    20% Web/Graphics/Java/php/cgi all for fun
    20% Work (work at home a lot)

    I let my brother get the pron and await his regular deliveries (god I love dvd burners) :)
  12. how much pr0n (in GB) do you have? I'm at 45GB right now. I had well over 150GB until my drive crashed.
  13. I'm going to answer that too mpjesse. My bro has over 1 terabyte, I have another 200 gig or so that's unique, I need to get a bigger ftp server :) Shall we start another thread on this subject? :twisted:
  14. - Gaming
    - Music / TV Videos
    - Internet / eMail / Chat / Shopping
    - Video Editing
    - Digital Imaging
    - CD / DVD Edit & Burn
    - Work (Documents, Presentations, 3D Renderings CAD)
    - Porn
    - Show Off :roll:
  15. A what do you use your computer thread turns into a How big is your porn collection thread, just shows you what we all use our comps for.

    40% downloading porn
    15% surfing
    10% word processing and surfing for the answers
    30% BF2
    5% misc

    Porn collection: I put mine on to dvds (safe incase drive fails) must have about 50 now, So roughly 50x4.4 = 220gb
  16. Untill the play station can download porn and lots of it PCs will live on
  17. 100% Folding

    20 gigs of porn

    100+ of music - I had a Phat ethernet connection at FSU during the Napster days.

    Where do you guys get your porn / music ?

  18. 99%->gaming
    .2% -> e-mails
    .2% -> Tom's Forumz
    .2% -> Ultimate-Guitar forum
    .3% -> watching DVD's, playing music
    .1% -> & a little bit of porn.
  19. LOL @ limewire, its all the same clip renamed 1 million times

    bittorrent, newsgroups i guess it what most use

    Bittorrent is the worlds largest adult material store, it brings a tear to my eye.
  20. Ah let me see:
    40% gaming
    30%surfing on the Internet(IE messenger, TomsHardware,Egosoft..)
    20%doing programs and stuff
    10%watching films,listening to music,entertainment( creating clips, sounds, web sites..) and burning CDs
  21. Mostly Gaming when im home
    Mostly newsgroups when im at work remote desktoped into home
    lot of norp, have over 1.5 TB in 5 drives not all porn but I have a good majority of it there.
    Surfing the web/forums

    cant really do any percentile since i multitask during my time in front of the computer.

    System specs
    p4 3.2E
    Asus p4p800 deluxe
    Ati x850pro non flashable to 16 pipes :(
    2 gig corsair ram 4 sticks running in dual channel linear mode
    5 hd cant remember the sizes of the mall 4 ide 1 sata but over 1.5 TB
    Nec dvd/rw burner(burnt over 300 dvd never a problem)
    Tdk cdrw burner ( cant count how many hundreds burnt never a coaster)
    Logitech G15 keyboard(highly recommended for the lcd in itself)
  22. My main pc-

    internet browsing- 30%
    games 30%
    music 30%
    word processing 10%

    although the music is playing on the pc most of the time in the background
  23. internet browsing - 10%
    downloading porn* over DSL - 20%
    games - 30%
    music - 20%
    word processing - 10%
    burning files to dvd (including porn) - 10%

    * All porn moved off harddrive and hidden away in case I'm in violation of local "community standards" with some of this stuff.
  24. Wow... this thread truned into pron sharing...


    btw.... anyone know of any good porn sites? favorites?
  25. If you have a problem with porn in relation to internet useage I rcomend you check out the_guru's link here

    So cheesy it's good.
  26. www.fileporn.org (bit torrent & requires registration. but it's awesome)

    that's what i use...
  27. 90% Pvr/Dvr
    70% Gaming
    15% Writing
    2% Email
    23% Music Production
    200% (Dual Core) 8)
  28. I love that video.
  29. I'll have to divide this up between work and home. It seems as if I spend the vast majority of my time awake sitting in front of a computer.


    30% Altiris
    30% Remedy
    10% Reading forum posts
    10% Listening to music
    10% Surfing
    10% Answering emails


    100% Usenet downloading (NewsLeecher runs constantly)
    30% Multitrack recording
    30% Burning/copying DVD's
    20% World of Warcraft (used to be higher)
    10% Chat clients/email
    10% Surfing (I don't read forums at home)
  30. No porno? Come on! Your secret is safe with us...
  31. I use my computer for masturbation!! Women can have their toys as long as guys can have their PCs!!!
  32. Work:
    90% Acad 2006 Civil design
    10% Email/forums/Newegg

    99% www.WWIIonline.com Playing the game
    1% Photoshop/Game forums

    100% Games
  33. 55% Internet - Tech Article Reading/IM chatting/Checking Email/Downloading Software

    10% Music - Listening to Music/Scrutinizing and Fine Tuning Sound Quality

    10% Gaming - Spectating/Playing/Optimizing Performance

    25% Maintainance - Installing and Removing Applications/Running Tests/Optimizing OS Performance/Installing Windows/Installing and Updating Hardware
  34. Absolutely.
  35. 100% ASP.NET 2.0 Installshield IIS SQL Server 2000 and QA
    100% News
    100% chat, forums
    100% online predator :D

    Multitask boi

  36. Lol! I'm actually blessed with a gorgeous nymphomaniac wife so believe it or not, I have a porn free computer! Now back in the day, totally different story!
  37. Work:

    MS Office Applications - 30%
    Organization Specific Applications - 20%
    Network Browsing/Troubleshooting - 10%
    Personal Email - 20%
    Internet Browsing - 20%


    MS Office Applications - 10%
    Personal Email - 10%
    Games - 30%
    Porn - 10%
    Internet Browsing - 30%
    Streaming Media/Music - 10%
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