What is SysTray?

What is SysTray? (System Tray?) To optimize performance I should delete all things from startup, but leave SysTray, why?
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  1. System tray is on the far right side of the taskbar. It's where the clock, volume control, etc live.

    You can kill it if you want, but you won't see the clock, be able to get to those icons, etc. It won't hurt anything, and it'll all be back after a restart.

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  2. in windows 98 you cant stp systray - it will crash your system
    In windows ME you can however shut it down very easily


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  3. Ok, I'm used to W2k, but I'm sure you're right.

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  4. how do you kill those things on the task bar? I mean make them not loading when the system started...

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  5. I noticed that when I turn everything off from startup WinME loads a little longer. I don't thin it matters to have or not with 448M pc133 RAM, won't give much.
  6. things that are in your systray that aren't in Start>Programs>Startup can be found in Start>Run>msconfig>Startup tab ... you can disable the ones you don't want, just be careful with what you uncheck.
  7. oh, and you might want to check out this fairly exhaustive list: http://www.pacs-portal.co.uk/startup_content.htm#S
  8. You CAN kill systray on 98, and you still get the clock, unles of course it depends on the version of 98 and what updates are installed.

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  9. probably - i remember on first edition and second edition as well (unpatched though) i could not kill systray without a BSOD or the computer freezing - i know in millenium if you want (and 2000) you can however stop systray.

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  10. I do not have Systray running and my computer does not crash.Systray is just the volume control, I believe which I have on the Quick Launch bar instead.
    Without Systray running you can save app.5 - 10% on system resources.

  11. its not always JUST the volume, a lot of aps (for example Norton av/task monitor/motherboard monitor) have <b>tray icons</b> i.e. they "live" in the system tray

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  12. This program will let you manage which programs that run in your System Tray.

    Tray Manager:

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