Weird PSU issue

I was looking into buying the evga CO 6800gs for Oblivion. Since at the moment i have a AOpen 5600. So I was wondering if i needed a new more powerful PSU. So, i looked at the eXtreme PSU CAlculator ( , and lo and behold it said that i needed a more powerful PSU for the 5600 than the 6800gs (345 vs 335 watts). Now here's the catch, i'm currently running a 250 watt PSU, with no problems. Should i go for a new PSU, or am i safe with what i have?

Here's what else I have:

AMD Athlon 64 2800+ Newcastle overclocked to 2250 MHz
SoundBlaster Audigy
x4 USB devices
1024 Mb DDR Ram (3 sticks)
x1 Regular Fan
x1 LED Fan
x1 80g 7200rpm IDE harddrive
x1 DVD-ROM Drive
x1 CD-RW Drive
x1 Cold Cathode
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  1. I would get a new psu, the 250w is not in recommended ranges of the 6800gs. At least get a 400w psu if you plan on doing so.
  2. i actually delt with this b4

    this started being an issue with high-end Geforce 6 series Eg

    6600 Gt, 6800 Gtx

    i am sure that the even the 6800 GS is a power-sucker

    ur main thing to look @ is the 12V rating, i have a Modstream 550 Watts PSU

    with 12V Rating of 35, but most new power supply now is good enough

    well if need to know more reply back later

    just a lil suggestion if u still running a AGP system i would suggest a 7800 GS

    it's the last offering i think for AGP
  3. You need a new psu man. Once you add the new 6800 there's no telling what problems you may encounter.

    If you decide for getting a new one then think Enermax. They have a nice 400W version of their Liberty PSU. Antec is a good brand as well I hear.
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