Need a comparison please

I need to compare the following cards. The x850xt is only 10 dollars more after rebate so I am not concerned about cost. Which card will be a better performer, thats all I care about.

AMD 3700+ @ 2.2ghz.
ASrock 939 Dual-SATA


I am looking for the best card for now and the future. Please offer any input you can, I need to order this by friday. Thanks!
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  1. Door # 1 it is
    The XT will blow the pants off that silly GS.
    Just make sure ya got two slots for that Radeon XT.
    (also X850XT is 16 pixel pipelines, 6800GS is only 12.)
    If you want performance comparisons,
    search: 6800GS vs. X850XT on the net.
    You're sure to find interesting info.
  2. ok well I guess that was easy lol.
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