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I'm shopping for a new system for gaming, video editing and all the usuals.
I'm not putting down AMD in anyway but I've had some issues in the past with my Pinnacle Liquid so Intel's the way I'm choosing to go.
I'm a little confused on the CPU to buy I'm not sure if I should go with an Intel 650 or Intel 930.
I've looked at the CPU chart but the 900 series isin't there.

I'm not an extrem gamer so I've decided to go with a 6800GS chipset card. Once again input on manifacturer to go with is welcome. So far xFx seems ok for my needs.

Thanks a lot for all your feed backs
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  1. Get the 930. It can overclock to the 650 and beyond and you have 2 CPU's. I have 2 XFX 6800GS's in SLI, they're killer beasts, you won't be disappointed!

    ~~Mad Mod Mike, pimpin' the world 1 rig at a time
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