Good inexpensive cooling for an OC'd 3800x2

I am currently running my 3800x2 with an inexpensive $15 Gigabyte GH-ED821 heatsink+fan combo. I bought it cuz it was cheap and I wasnt planning on doin any OC'ing. But when I treid it for fun and OC'd my 3800x2 from 2ghz to 2.4ghz I noticed a significant improvement in system speed. Whats a safe tempature for the 3800x2?? Mine idles around 28c and with both cores runnning 100% it runs around 51c. Is this hot or normal or what??? I would like to push the chip to 2.6 or 2.7 but not before I get better cooling. What do you all reccomend?? Id also like to keep it as queit as I can since it is used as a digital music system and is in the same room as the stereo system. So basically id like to accompolish two things. 1. better cooling 2. less noise. Most people have recomended going the ater cooled route if I want quiet. Anyone wanna reccomend some good cooling system both liquid and air?? Id like to keep the price under around $150 but less is better.
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  1. 3 Simple Things, Under $50 Bucks, they work great!

    #1 - 4400+ or 4800+ Stock Cooler for the AMD X2, Get it on eBay, it's $15 bucks w/shipping. It has a larger base with 4 copper Heatpipes.

    #2 - Replace the Fan that comes with the 4400+ Cooler with a CoolerMaster Dual Storm. It's $20 Bucks @ PC Club

    #3 Artic Silver 5 Thermal Paste $10 Bucks
  2. Will they run more queitly than my current cooler? Its not that loud but still noticeable. Im leaning towards a basic water cooling setup as i think it will be significantly quieter???
  3. The Dual Storm has a Speed control knob, you can really lower it 8) and it still works great. Very Low Noise. CoolerMaster Is Known For That.
  4. COOLER MASTER KHC-L91-U2 92mm Ball Cooling Fan/Heatsink - Retail
    Model #: KHC-L91-U2, Also called Hyper 48
    Item #: N82E16835103157
  5. *waits for RichPLS* You can get a basic watercooling setup for $100. Thermaltake Bigwater SE.
  6. Cool, thanks. Is this $100 water cooling kit anygood?? How much queiter can I expect compared to air cooling?? Im trying to get the system as queit as possible since its in the same room as the stereo system. Im thinking of going with a more quiet PSU as well, the Ultra Xconnect 500w isnt that loud but I think I can do better with a fanless or single fan PSU.
  7. that watercooler is garbage...

    If you want quailty at a good price.. go with a Zalman 9500
  8. Fock U! Do you even know what you are talking about? Not an air cooling system can beat it in noise and temps.

    TT BigWaterSE

    $100 complete kit and as high a quality components you will get as far as not leaking and craftsmenship. Sure you can get a higher velocity pump, larger radiator, whatever.
    But for simplicity and quality for the price, there is no competion that can hold a candle to this one.
    It does as advertised, is well made, quiet, compact (in most cases can even be mounted internal if desired) and looks good to boot!
  9. Thanks, might not have entered were it not for that! :wink:
  10. Sorry but I dont trust water in my 2000$ baby... I dont have money to replace it.
  11. That is fine too. It is not for everyone.
    But when I got it, and installed it, it was pretty obvious that leaking was not an issue due to the excellent threaded safety connectors and quality tubing.
  12. My rig is a bit more of an investment!:
    Lian Li PC-60plus Black Aluminum Case (w/TR-3B Black Thermometer/Fan Controller 3.5” bay)
    Opteron 175 (2x 2.42 GHz, 2MB cache, Socket 939, .09 micron, E6 stepping, OSA175DAA6CD)
    ThermalTake BigWaterSE 12cm liquid cooling system complete kit
    Asus A8R-MVP Motherboard (ATI Radeon Xpress 200 CrossFire, socket 939, SATA2)
    HiS X1800XT Graphics Card (625 MHz/700 MHz OC core/1500 Mhz/1600 MHz OC mem, Dual DL-DVI VIVO 512 MB PCIe)
    ATI TV Theater 550 PRO Tuner (PCI TV and FM Tuner)
    4x 512MB Corsair Micro Xpert DDR RAM (2-3-3-8-2T (spd 2-2-2-5-1T) TwinXP 1024-3200XL)
    2x 74gig Western Digital Raptor Hard Drives RAID-0 (WD740GD RAID0 150gig Boot Drive)
    2x 250gig Western Digital Caviar SE16 Hard Drives (WD2500KS storage and data)
    Plextor 716AL Black 16x DVD/CD Burner (IDE slot loading type)
    Antec TP-II 550 Power Supply (550 Watt ATX12V v2.0 PSU)
    Dell 2405FPW 24-inch LCD Monitor (UltraSharp Wide Aspect Flat Panel Display)
    Logitech G-15 Gaming Keyboard
    Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan
    Case Fans (SilenX 120mm intake, Adda 120mm exhaust blower, SilenX 92mm exhaust and SilenX 80mm Fan)
  13. Thermaltake Big Typhoon could improve your temps slightly and quietly, but 51C is fine so I'd leave it alone unless you want to "go nuts" with overclocking.
  14. Im rely more worried about the system being as silent as possible. Im not going to be OC'ing any higher than 2.4ghz on my 3800x2. But I do want it queit. What about the Thermaltake silentwater I think thats whats its called?? The Bigwater se for $99 seems like a damn good deal though. Another question is, does anyone know if anyone makes a Mac G5 lookalike case for pc??
  15. Well... my main issue is this.

    Just how much better then the Zalman 9500 is it?? what kind of temp drops are we looking at here???
  16. Take one of those Zalmans. I think they are quiet enough to make you quiet. :D

    Just kidding. But you might want to look those zalmans.
  17. This is sure to piss off a bunch of water freaks...

    The Thermaltake Big Typhoon has a 120mm radiator. Most water coolers have a 120mm radiator. And both provide equal cooling.

    Of course with the water cooler, you can move the 120mm radiator to a place with cooler air, but then again, you could vent the side of your case to the Big Typhoon if you wished.

    As for people who'd point to water cooling with a 120mm radiator and more powerful fan, ah the dishonesty of such! You can put a more powerful fan on the Big Typhoon if you wish.
  18. I have a G5 lookalike case, and am not using it. If you want it, let me know and I can send you pictures.
  19. I depends on how much you plan on cooking your CPU :) but I can strongly recommend the Arctic Cooling series of CPU coolers. I'm on the Freezer 64 Pro and it's silent! Only a slight overclock on mine (Mem @ 215 NOT 200), but I've had it running cooly at 235 with looser memory settings, and not strayed over 55 degrees.
  20. :? Hey!
    New to the forum, but i can recommend you, if you want quite and water free/safe, go for Thermaltake Sonic Tower, you can install it as the Aplication 2 Shows, and get 33 on idle and 45 on Full (Double Prime) Load, I have it installed like this and is Almast 0 Noise (You have to open the case to make sure the fans are working :D ) and a good temp for the OC you want to go, That it is also the one I have right Now
    HTL 9
    Default Vcore

    Here is the link to the product

  21. I use tuniq tower cooler , it is not expensive and it is really good for my OC requirements ... my opteron 165 , runs smothly full at 44~45 celcius on my coolermaster ammo 533 case, so if your case permit , it is a good choice and it is really quiet...
    Water cooler is ok , but must check for changes in internal design to prevent problem of heating on chipsets and other components. if you like unusual set ups, this could be a better choice for you, but if you like to save yourself from any setting up trouble ...go for air cooling... easier and reliable... some performance data for this excelent design cooler...
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