1st system build=major problem

My friend just attempted his 1st system build. Didn't go so well. We put everything together and switched on the system. All the lights, fans, and drives power up. The problem is that there is nothing showing up on the monitor. We have tried the DVI output and the S-video on the video card. The card does have power to it and is inserted into the first PCI Express slot. The mobo doesn't have an AGP slot and we don't have another PCI express card, so we can't try a different setup to see if it's the card or the mobo. Any help/suggestions?

Mobo: BIOSTAR TForce4SLI Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD
Video Card: eVGA Geforce 7800GT 256-P2-N517-AX
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3700+
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  1. I know you mentioned something of the sort, but did you connect a power connection directly to the video card from the power supply? Also, unseat the card, and reinsert it firmly, maybe it is off by a hair in the slot. Other than that, the one other option is to find another PCI-x video card and test it to see if its the card. or something else.
  2. Yep, it's plugged directly into the power supply: Enermax 500W. We did try reinserting the card as well. Looks like we might have to find another card somewhere:(
  3. Start by double/triple checking your connections.
    Clear the CMOS.
    I’m not positive (I’m sure someone else can add to this), but I seem to recall reading some other posts regarding SLI MB’s and only one card that you need the jumpers on the MB set correctly for one card and you also need the SLI interface card/cable installed on the Video card?
    Did you connect the secondary power connector to the Video card (as I recall my evga 7800GT has a 6 pin PCI-E connector on it)?
  4. Just to cover the obvious: is the monitor plugged in?
  5. Well the mobo is set to regular mode, not SLI. The card is plugged in to the power supply. The monitor is plugged in and on the correct video setting. Would video come out of the card even if the card itself isn't working properly?
  6. ive built a system once and found i had the same problem i solved it by plugging in the p4 power connector into the motherboard (lol dnt foreget tht) without it all that happens is the system turns on but nothing comes on screen
  7. I think Lan_d is referring to the extra +12v 4 pin square Molex connector located near the CPU. If you have a newer PSU with 2 or more +12v rails you need to plug one of the 4 pin (2 X yellow/black) square Molex connector cables from it into the MB. If your PSU is older, you will need to get an adapter that takes two inline 4-pin connectors and goes to a square 4-pin connector.
  8. yep :D just ave 2 make sure the board is fully wired up basically
  9. Yeah, we've tried it with that plugged in and not plugged in. I heard that that was for extra power if you are running 2 video cards.
  10. not the molex the P4 connector its a square connector with four pins
  11. Same problem going on in another thread:


    Read the posts here to give you ideas.
  12. someone asked if they pluged in the lcd/crt, good point but one more, it might just be somthing simple. try, on the front of the screen is a on/off button. after putting power to the lcd crt you did turn it on?
  13. another what slot is the gfx card connected into mayb it has to b put into the top one if u dnt already have it there
  14. Did you try bootin up on a different monitor, making sure it's not the monitor that is bad? :o
  15. could be a number of things...

    bad video card
    bad RAM
    bad CPU
    bad mobo
    bad powersupply
    reversed polarity of some front panel leds (yes, this can cause crashes and failure to post)

    swap the ram first... just temporarily to make sure...

    if it's making any sporatic beeping, check the motherboard manual to troubleshoot

    try a different power supply...

    blah blah... troubleshooting sux, but it's a necessary evil...

    pray it's nothing major like CPU/Mobo/GFX

    how long are you giving the monitor to display before you give up and restart?
  16. krazyIvan & lan_D - I think you guys figured it out. We didn't plug that one in cause the cable coming out of the power supply has 8 plugs on it, not 4. I was looking in PC Gamer and they say to just plug the right 4 into the mobo but we can't cause there's something directly next to the input on the mobo. Guess we'll have to find an adaptor somewhere.
  17. Well, system is starting up fully now but it's not starting up Windows at all. Just reboots itself. We have the old HD that has Windows installed on it from the old machine, do we need to reinstall Windows for it to work?
  18. yes... format and reload is recommended, but you can get away with a fresh install over a cluttered one... i just advice HIGHLY against it.....

    format, reload... or use new hd...
  19. Well Windows got loaded on and was working fine. He tried to install F.E.A.R. on it and the computer just turned off in the middle of the install. It won't turn back on, just makes a high pitched popping noise when the power button is pressed. Is this a blown power supply or what?
  20. leave the side panel off and try to locate where the popping is coming from... could be a bad power supply, but since this is your friends first build, it could be that he had a brass standoff for the mobo in a hole where it isn't supposed to be... those are the only things i would concern myself with right now, since i feel they're the most likely culprits...

    that or you could've just had the "first-time-build--first-rma-experience" blues haha...
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