Some RAM omitted from the latest DDR2 review?

Just read the latest DDR2 review by THG. Great article as usual, but wondering why Crucial DDR2 800 Ballistix was left out of the review (only compared Crucial DDR2 667).

Sure would like to see how my Ballistix 800 stacks up with the rest of the crowd. :-)
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  1. Probably because Crucial didn't send the reviewers a sample product. Generally speaking, article writers do not buy the memory (that would get really expensive really fast). Product samples are usually requested by the writer/reviewer and then the company sends the product. Sometimes they simply don't send the product for any number of reasons. One could surmise Crucial didn't send a sample because they know it's a shitty performer. Or it could be they just didn't want to 'cause it was a Tuesday.

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