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I was playing Fallout Tactics and left for a while. The Monitor went into sleep mode. I moved the mouse and returned to the game but, no sound. I rebooted and the sound was OK. I then tried to access the display properties from desktop and nothing. I went into control panel to access the display there and again nothing! Any Ideas? I checked for conflicts and all that stuff, everthings OK. This happened once before when I first put the system together and I just reinstalled and thought nothing of it but that's the last thing I want to do now.

K7-Master Ver. 1.1 Bios Ver 1.1
T-Bird 1.2 266fsb retail box OC'ed to 1.4
{cpu host/pci clock: 140/35}
{cpu Vcore select: 1.75v}
{cpu ratio: x10}
Tai-Sol CGK760092 H/S
Crucial 512mb PC2100 CL=2.5
Unbuffered non-parity 8-8-8-3-7-2-3
Asus V7700 32 DDR Geforce 2
{Memory Clock 400}
{Core Clock 210}
{8500 3D Mark 2000}
SB Ensoniq in slot 3
56k Modem in slot 4
50x cd-rom
Enlight 7237 Mid Tower 350 PS w/ extra fan
Win 98se
Drivers Installed using newest downloads
{VIA Atapi}
{IRQ routing}
{AMD AGP mini port}
Drivers off the CD
{MSI nVidia Drivers}
{DirectX 8}
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  1. I have no idea what the problem is...i never use standby because I don't like it. You can go to settings>control panel>power options and change the settings so that your computer is 'always on'. With 'always on' you can set the monitor to shutdown after say 20 minutes and gain rapid recovery when you move the mouse. You may not be completely energy efficient, but then again you will not have any problems with stand by.

    I wonder...what is the speed of gravity?
  2. I fixed it!!! just reinstalled the nVidia VGA Drivers off the MSI CD. I also changed my standby to always on.
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