Error code:0xE0000100

Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation. Error code:0xE0000100

Just built a computer. Tried to install windows 7 and it wouldn't find the hard drive so I had an old xp reinstallation cd and thought i'd try that. it found the hard drive and so it formatted it for about 3 hours and then said there was an error on the disk. now when i get to the part in windows 7 where i choose how to install, that message above pops up.

what could i do?
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  1. Test your RAM using MemTest86+

    If that passes run a MD5/MD4 hash comparison of every file on the installation media versus 'known goods'.
  2. Oh, and replace your HDD under warranty, it probably shouldn't be taking that long to format - after checking all your cables and maybe try a known recently good PSU, just in case.

    The hardware will keep retrying a sector, so the software can't always tell if it should mark an entire cluster as bad or not. Either way it sounds like your HDD is defective.

    ie: Good media + Good RAM + Defective HDD = corrupt files.

    The data gets copied to RAM before it hits the HDD though, so you never really can tell...
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