Another RAID 0 question..please help.

Hello everyone,
I have searched this site and I can't seem to get a clear answer. I would like to add 2 additional hard drives to my system in a RAID 0 setup. These additional drives will be used for storage only. So what I would like to have is 1 drive that has the OS, applications and is bootable . The other 2 drives would be configured in a RAID 0 setup and is for storage only.
My computer is already up and running with windows xp pro using the one drive. However I did not install the raid drivers during installation.
As of now I can go into BIOS and configure the other 2 drives into a raid setup using intel matrix storage. However windows will not recognize the disks in a raid setup. But I can see them under disk management as "dynamic" but "unallocated" whatever that means. Can I install the raid drivers into xp without having to do a reinstall? If yes, then what do I do?
Thanks in advance for your help. The people on this board really seem to know their stuff!! :)
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  1. Quote:
    If yes, then what do I do?

    Dont know much about matrix raid but the usually answers are:
    Yes & insert motherboard CD and select Intel Matrix Storage Manager drivers.
  2. are you sure you want to do raid 0 for storage. If 1 drive fails, the data on both drives is lost (it is however faster). Do Raid 1 for redundancy. If 1 drive fails all data is retained. You loose however 50% capacity (i.e. 2x 250 GB Drives in raid 1 give you only 250 GB capacity). RAID 5 and other higher levels give you a bit of everything (redundancy, speed boost & less than 50 % capacity lost), but require more than 2 Disks (not sure about exceptions).

    If you dont need redundancy (with however the certain degree of security, that when 1 drive fails, not everything is lost), nor a small speed boost i would suggest that you dont do raid at all and just have them as 2 normal disks in windows. If you want redundancy i would go with RAID 1 (2 big drives dont cost as much as they used to, so loosing 50 % is not so terrible anymore)
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