Fan control / Temp panel

I'm looking to put a decent , digital fan controller/temp readout in a 5.25" bay on my case.
Any advise on some products that are decent? (must be black with a blue backlight on the LED readout)

I came across these....

Wondering how accurate these things are? Will they be as accurate as running speedfan?

if anyone has any experience with these or a better product, please lemme know.
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  1. Get a Coolermaster Aerogate 2 or 3.. And they will not be even close to the accuracy of onboard sensors. Don't get me wrong, I love my Aerogate 2, but the temp readings depend a LOT on where and how you fasten the sensor.. Jut make sure it's tight against the surface that you want to measure the temperature from, and use speedfan to calculate the difference (its about 5-10 degrees). The set the alarm levels accordingly..

    Hope this helps..
  2. The second link is described as ThermalTake Hardcano 13 but the picture is for the 12. Go to the website:
    The 13 is a good bit of kit, more reliable than any chipsets and software I've used to date (other than gpu and cpu specific). I've tried Speedfan and found it wanting re wild fluctuations and inaccuracies (which may be chipset related). The TT 13 will ramp the fan speed from 50% to 100% depending on the alarm temp. set and temperature detected. As StigHelmer states - watch where you place the sensors and if using more for hardware than environment ensure good contact with a heatsink type area. I have it running 2 120cm and 2 90cm fans in a ThermalTake Soprano case with 2 SATA150 drives, 2 IDE drives, 2 optical drives and 6600GT AGP GPU.

    And yes, it can display in blue (2 shades, plus 6 other colours). It also has a 6 in 1 card reader.

    Temp readings are stable and vary in line with fan speed changes, eg on a hot day I can check temps in 4 locations in the case and if getting a bit warm either lower the alarm temps to increase fan speed or set to manual and vary the fan speeds. I bought this to minimise fan noise while still protecting components, very happy and would buy again without hesitation.

    Cheers Peter
  3. I just got my Thermaltake Hardcano 13 installed the day before yesterday, and so far Im very happy with it. I seem to have received the newer version which runs on three AAA batteries instead of the button-types that were giving people trouble in the early versions. I havent had my unit long enough to tell how fast it drains those tho...
    I have it running three 120cm Antecs', my Zalman 7000-Cu, and the soon-to-be-replaced stock fan on my 9800 Pro AGP. (yes, I realize the Hardcano only controls four fans - but the 4 pin adapter that comes with the Hardcano allows you to cheat and plug two fans into one control channel :D )
    While the Temp readings from the Hardcano arent as precise as the ones from my MB monitoring program, they are pretty accurate. (5°C drop on MB reading registers as a 5°C drop in the Hardcano reading, but still 5° off)
    The only real complaint I have about it is the layout/size of the buttons...I dont exactly have large fingers, but pushing the buttons and turning the knob can be a bit challenging.
    Just a pain tho really...overall Im very pleased with the performance so far. And it looks great! In my Antec P180 my system is nearly silent when I want it to be, and I can crank up the fan settings when temp goes up while gaming.
    Now if I could just afford that Zalman VF700 to replace the Leafblower on my AGP... :)
  4. 8O We both got it wrong 120mm, not 120cm (mighty big fan!)

  5. ty for the replies.

    so where exactly did you guys put your sensors and how did you fasten them for the most accurate readings. A guy at work told me to pop one between the HSF and chip. To me...that would make most sense, but is also taking away , what i think is, important hsf/cpu contact.

    thnx for the thermaltake link...ill check that out.
  6. Between chip and heatsink?!? NEVER, EVER, do that! (Atleast if you're not planning to carve a hole for it, which is a no-no by itself anyway..) You'll burn out your chip in no time. Just tape i somewhere on the heatsink, as close to the base as possible, but not where a fan blows straight on it. That way you'll get the most accurate readings, without killing your computer in the process..
  7. aight. I thought it would screw with the hsf contact. will put it somewhere near it as you said.
  8. The fan controller comes with Thermal tape for attaching the temp probes. (at least the Hardcano 13 did)

    If you take off your HSF, you should be able to see the imprint that the hot CPU die has left on the metal (or at least an outline of thermal compound)
    The temp sensors are very thin, and easily fit in the gap created by the die between the silicon of the rest of the chip and the bottom of the HS.
    So all I did was use thermal tape to tape the temp probe to the bottom of the HSF about 1mm from the outline of the die.

    Between chip and heatsink?!? NEVER, EVER, do that!

    Altho between the chip and the HSF is fine, just not between the chip's die and the HSF. Got the difference?
    If youd like, I can post a pic later.
    Other probe placements: Over the rotor hub on the HD, Same deal as above for my GPU HSF, and onto a RAM chip. Basically wherever you want to monitor temp.
  9. fan controllers = LOTS of wires going everywhere - its like an hour job just to get all the dam wires neatened up.
  10. Quote:
    The fan controller comes with Thermal tape for attaching the temp probes. (at least the Hardcano 13 did)

    If you buy a controller that does not include thermal tape, you can get teflon tape - I think from Newark. It works very well and can handle something like 400F. You have to take care not to contaminate the adhesive with skin oil or it won't stick as well. Don't stress out about the absolute temp the controller is reading. Watch your onboard readings alongside your fan controller readings, starting with a cold system, then follow as it warms up. Put it under load and continue to monitoir. If you see lack of correlation, you can consider moving a sensor. Offset is OK as long as you get the right trend. Regardless, do not load up your monitoring positions with tape! Tape is an insulator - you'll make hot spots and that kinda defeats the whole point...
  11. UWBandman,

    I get what ya mean...but a pic would be appreciated. Thanks for the feedback. Ordered the Hardcano 13 and hopefully will get that with the rest of my rig mon or tues. Im itching at the foot only having half my parts here.

    Clue69Less....thanks for the reply. I know the onboard readings and temps will be way more accurate, just wanted something i could monitor while in game and stressing the system. well that and plus the thermaltake armor case is a beast with umpteen bays and need something to stick in a few of them.
  12. Heres the pic you asked for Awchoo...
    You owe me a beer for the half hour it took to re-install the HSF :D :D

    HSF Temp Probe
  13. That pics a tad grainy...please take it off and try again?

    HAH. kidding mate....thanks i didnt know you were gonna take your HSF off! I thought you had pics already of it.....I appreciate it though.

    PM me your info and ill paypal ya scratch for a beer.

    thanks again.
  14. Quote:
    That pics a tad grainy...please take it off and try again?
    HAH. kidding mate....thanks i didnt know you were gonna take your HSF off! I thought you had pics already of it.....I appreciate it though.
    PM me your info and ill paypal ya scratch for a beer.
    thanks again.

    Haha, its all good. I wanted to take it off and re-tape anyway, since I had used a bit too much and temps went up.
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