Can anyone help me find a compatible hard drive?

I need a hard drive that's compatible with my motherboard.
If anyone can find one on Tigerdirect, I'd appreciate it a lot. The last one I ordered didn't work, so. :p
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  1. Any SATA drive should work in your motherboard :?
    What was the problem last time and what drive did you order ?
    I ordered that last time and the uh, things with black-like film stuff, I guess didn't fit into the hard drive.
  3. Your PC case should have several 3.5" bays (above your floppy disk probably) where the disk you bought should snugly fit into. All you have to do is slip the drive into the bay and secure it with screws.

    If you do not have any 3.5" bays left (unlikely) then you can attach some mounting rails to your disk and put it into a 5.25" bay (the bigger ones, like the one where your CD/DVD is in).

    Example of mounting rails
  4. be very carefull ..... same sata 2 hdds do not work with that card of your .... hdds like xxxxjs from wd do not work with sata 1 but strangely same a matter of jumpers ... watch the label of the hdd they have spread spectrum ... and if you see sata 1 compatibility it`s ok.......i`ve seen two identical hdds (the same serial and stuff ex wd2000js) but with different labels and jumber table...i guess there are also different electronics.....this problems occured to me on nf3 and nf4 mobos
    i didn`t noticed any problems with seagate sata2 hdds
  5. just buy a sata 1 (sata 150) hdd or a pata drive and your problems are solved.....
    what drive do you have in mind?
  6. It fits into the bay perfectly, but these this thing that came with it that links the hard drive to the motherboard (It has some black film-like material in between it with two slots at the end that connects to it.) It doesn't fit in the hard drive.
    Fainis: Any hard drive that works with my motherboard and has 100GB or more, but less than 200. :p
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