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I got the Saphire X1600pro 128 Mb, and I am using it on a ASUS P5LD2...
The Graphic crashed and got totally screwed up. I went to the After Service Center and I was toled this card was not compatible with the Asus P5LD2 Motherboard. I got question marks (?_?) in my eyes. I got the same card but the 256mb size version.

Today I noticed once again that the system abruptly resets like it did before.
This seems to be a serious problem. Not driver related in my humble opinion.

Is there anything out there that refers to any incompatiblilities with
any ATI x1600pro's and ASUS' P5LD2 Motherboard???

Thank you very much
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  1. Hello there!

    What's your setup?

    Maybe it's a PSU issue or heat probs... need more info.

  2. ASUS P5LD2
    Pentium 4 631 (cedar mill) @3.2 Ghz
    Saphire X1600pro 256mb/128mb
    Samsung PC 5300 512mb
    S-ata Seagate 300 GB

  3. You didn't mentioned the PSU nor the monitor (resolution)...

    And, are you overcklocking (GPU/CPU/FSB)?

    Have you checked the temps on the graphics card?

    Any other symptoms, graphics related, before "reseting"?

    Be as specific as you can.

  4. Sounds like a heat issue. If your processor heatsink is not seated properly, or if the heatsink fan stops spinning, your system will shut down like that as a failsafe. Check the retention clips on the heatsink and/or completely remove it and reseat it again. Also make sure that random wires aren't interfering with that little fan, or it will cause the resetting because the processor got too hot. And I don't see why that card won't work with that Mobo, you just might have to flash the BIOS to the latest version.
  5. PSU IS A double fanned 450 Watt Korean made
    Monitor is Samsung CX916t
  6. Is it a pre built system? Did you put it together? Also, Have you tried other gcards except the 1600?
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