Keyboard don't work, need info from Win7 64bit registry


I'm having a similar problem as in this post:

however not exactly the same since the Upperfilters look ok (just contain kbdclass). When I checked my registry (mouse still work!) I found that some info concerning the kbdclass was missing. Since I only have a Win XP to compare the registry with, I would need registry-values from the following Win7 64bit keys and subkeys:





Would really appreciate if someone could give me this info. And if I have missed some important key from the registry please let me know! I will use this as reference.

By the way, does it make any difference regarding names etc that I am using the swedish version of Windows7. Could the "english" keys be applied as well?
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  1. Did the keyboard ever work? If so, try doing a system restore back to a date that it did work.
  2. Yes the keyboard used to work. Unfortunately I can't do a system restore, did not have any restore points.

    I have tested both with a PS/2 keyboard and 2 USB keyboards and none of them work. The problem occured after a BSOD (PFN_LIST_CORRUPT fltmgr.sys). I have compared the kbdclass with the one for the mouse: mouclass to get a grip of what is missing in the windows registry.

    At first I had a "code 28" error in the device manager for keyboard, the drivers could be found but not installed, the error message said "The install class is not present or is invalid". Then when I added values to


    I managed to install the drivers for the keyboard and I have no more error messages. However the keyboard still doesn't work! I then found this post:

    where it seems like the same problem that I have. E.g. I am missing allt these subkeys:

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\RDP_KBD\0000\Device Parameters]

    I tried adding some keys but it seems like this part of the registry is locked for editing/adding keys. Is there a way to bypass this?

    Does anyone know what part in the registry is essential to make the keyboard work again? I would still appreciate if someone could send me the Windows 7 keys/values above. And also more tips how to fix this issue, if it is not possible to edit some parts of the registry.
  3. Have you tried unpugging the keyboard then restart the pc. After it's on desktop then plug in the should start to detect and install the keyboard...
    Hope this helps
  4. I have tried to do that but it didn't work either! My hope is to add keys/values to the registry to fix the issue but I am a bit unsure about what to do. One thought of the parts of the registry that is locked is that you are not supposed to do anything there. This means that I have to leave it as it is. What is left for me to do then is this part in the registry:


    when I compare the values for the mouse:


    I found that I did not have this value: "0"="Root\\RDP_KBD\\0000" in the "Enum" subkey. My guess is that it refers to:


    which is the part that I can't edit. The "0000" key and subkeys are missing in my registry, as I said in above post.

    Can I add "0"="Root\\RDP_KBD\\0000" in the "...\Services\Kbdclass\Enum" subkey even though I think that this part in my registry does not exist? Perhaps it will be created when I add the value?

    The other part that is missing in ...\Services\Kbdclass
    is the value: DriverPackageId. For ...\Services\Mouclass I have "machine.inf_amd64_neutral_9e6bb86c3b39a3e9". Perhaps it is the same DriverPackageId for keyboard?

    Hope this wasn't too confusing and that someone can help out with my missing keys/values.
  5. I have tried some more things now but it has not made any difference, keyboard is still not working. When installing the Logitech setpoint drivers the extra special keys were enabled, like the keyboard wheel and shortcut keys. This I think is a bit strange! Perhaps they are using different drivers instead of keyboard.inf

    I have also removed the SP1 for Windows 7 since the problem with my keyboard occured after the SP1 installation (+ BSOD). I also tried to add "0"="Root\RDP_KBD\0000" in the "...\Services\Kbdclass\Enum" subkey but this line was removed automatically after a restart of Windows. I have added the DriverPackageId too (see above post).

    It seems like the biggest problem is that the registry has got corrupted in some way and removed the "0000" subkey in: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root\RDP_KBD\0000

    Does anyone have any idea of what to do to get the keyboard working?
  6. Problem solved!!! I found this page:

    and in my "\system32\config\RegBack" folder I had backups of the registry from one day before my problems started! :) So after I replaced the SYSTEM part of the registry with this backup and rebooted, the keyboard started to work again.
  7. Hi

    I thought all might like to know about this but i came a across a similiar problem where the keyboard would work up to the login in screen and after awhile it would stop working or that when i logged in it stopped, but i found that when i held a key down after awhile it would work. Basically if i held down a letter like "A" afterwhile it would type it. I found that in the registry there was a option that would make your computer wait before it accepted the key being pressed.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Accessibility\Keyboard Response

    DelayBeforeAcceptance was set quite high put it back to the "0" and it worked again fine.

    So i think that in most cases this will fix those keyboard problems where they just tend to stop working.
    Also i noticed that you must check the auto repeat delay etc... as when you hold the key it also affects how long before it repeats the keys so it can also act the same when holding the arrow keys etc...

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