Antec Truepower & Motherboard Fan Controller?

I am considering a Truepower 2.00 550 for my P180 case.

I am slightly confused about the fan Only power connectors on the PSU that allows the True Power to control case fan speeds.

My motherboard also has a connector for the chassis fan to control the chassis temporature.

If I go with this PSU, do I ignore the motherboard fan controller or attach one of the fans to this and the other fans to the PSU?
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  1. The Fan Only connectors on the PSU are optional fan outputs, which are equipped with two pins in a four pin drive power connector and equipped with 24ga. leads. They are marked Fan Only, because they cannot power a drive.
    You can use either the motherboard, or the PSU to power your fans.
    If your chassis fan has a tachometer output (i.e. three wire) connector, then you should connect it to the motherboard output. This way the fan can be checked by the BIOS and you can set-up your BIOS to detect a failure during POST. If you're exceptionally anal, you can also use a real time fan software monitor with this arrangement.
    If your chassis fan uses a two wire with four pin drive power connector, then it's simpler to connect it to the PSU fan output.
    Note: you should never power a fan that draws more than 2A using a fan output. Common fans use less than 0.5A, but if you're building a combination vacuum cleaner/hovercraft/air cooled PC then you should connect those immense rotodyns to 18ga. wired drive power connectors.
  2. Thanks for the explanation - I think I have finally understood it.
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