6800gs or 7800gs worth it? Dilemma... need advice.

System Spec: AMD 2700, 1GB PC3200, 9800 Pro 128MB, 430W power supply, etc.

I'm an frequent (but not hard core) gamer and use my computer for internet, music, and will also occasionally encode audio and video (to take on my PSP). I also want to be able to play new games like FEAR and BF2. I like to multitask as well.

I've been thinking of upgrading my system to dual core to get a performance bump on normal multitasking but mostly on games. but doing so would mean that I have to get a new CPU, graphics card and motherboard.

I'm debating whether it makes sense to:

1) just get a new graphics card like the 6800gs AGP or 7800gs (but will my system be a bottleneck for these cards - is it even worth upgrading?)
2) just build a new system now with dual core (amd 3800+ x2)
3) wait a few months for AM2 and then build a new system.

My problem is that i have a TOTAL of $400 - $450 to spend on any one option.

any suggestions?

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  1. 1) I would go for the 6800gs if you just change your card, and then save your money for the future. 7800gs may get bottlenecked.

    2) To buy a dual core and motherboard will eat all of your budget leaving none for your new gpu. You could get the asrock agp and pcie combined board and upgrade to a dual core and keep your 9800. Then when you have the money but a new pcie gpu.

    3)Am2 will be expensive and of little benefit for untill the bugs are ironed out. If you want to go this way its prob best to wait a year.

    Option 1 or 2 is your best bet, depends on if you feel you need a dual core. Your current cpu will run Bf2 fine and with a 6800gs you can push medium high settings, all high and your 1gb of ram will limit you.
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