Awesome Cable Sleeving Alternative

So I was at the vet a few weeks ago, and I saw them using this bandaging material... It was a cloth tape, stretchy, and only sticks to itself...hmm...
I had been considering picking up an Antec Sleeving Kit as I was about to transfer all my hardware into my new Antec P180, and when I saw this I thought it was perfect.

I found some at a local pet supply warehouse...and at only $3 per roll it seemed cheaper than the kits available. I bought two rolls, and still had half a roll left over after wrapping basically EVERY cable showing in my case: Power Cables, USB Header cables, Fan Cables...everything. (Hey - good airflow is worth the time right? Not to mention it looks awesome)

It works best if you cut off a piece, then cut that piece in half lengthwise to wrap around the cables. Its nice because you can wrap all the way up to the plug - no wires showing at all makes everything look really clean.

So check it out...great way to keep cables under control.

Heres some pics I took after I got done setting up my case.
Recently installed a Thermaltake Hardcano 13 Fan Controller which added a little more clutter, but still looks great. I can take more pics and post them if anyone cares...

-EDIT- Moved pictures to a different hosting site. Hopefully better?
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  1. Everyone doesnt have broadband, couldn't you of downsampled those pics ;)
    Cool tip.
  2. I cant even see squat.
  3. Yeah - just found a free site quick to host those.
    Anyone know a good hosting site that will actually look good?
  4. Nice, it almost looks like you forgot some stuff!
  5. Slick 'n cheap! Right on Dude :D :D
  6. That looks like "friction tape". Used by Electricians for around 120 years or so methinks. Back in my BICYCLE refurbishing days, I used it for handlebar tape, because it was cheaper than handlebar tape, comfy and grippy. Also, poor kids use it on their hocky sticks, rather than the similar stuff that sporting good stores sell for more money.

  7. Man it look's great and it's cheap also. Nice find.
  8. Quote:
    That looks like "friction tape"

    Could be... I found more of it, even cheaper, at a Farm Supply place... $1.50 for a roll twice as long as the one I got at the Petstore. Found it in the aisle with all the horse tack and supplies. Its called Vetwrap, made by 3M.
  9. I thought the stuff looked like Gaffer's Tape. I'm a musician, so it's no wonder why I thought that. Gaffer's is a sound crews' best friend! 8)
  10. Obviously there are doezens of types of cloth tape, but at one time "friction tape" was just that, alternative uses used "friction tape". It predates vinyl, so it predates what we now refer to as "electric tape".

    Lots of companies have come up with new, similar products where friction tape was once used.
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