confused on memory speed ?

I have kingston value ram model # kvr400x64c3a/512 installed in my comp...I have 2 sticks of this and 1 stick of 1 gig of the same to total 2 gig and my question is this:
When my comp boots the screen shows the memory frequency speed at 200 mhz during the boot up process. When i run cpu-z and read the memory timings it shows a speed of 100 mhz at FSB:DRAM = cpu/22 with timings of 3-3-3-8.
is this memory running at 100 mhz or 200 mhz?
In my bios the setting for memory speed is set to "auto". I can change this and goto manual and set the memory to "266", "333", "400". however when i set this to manual and seclect the "400" speed, cpu-z says the frequency is "200" and the cpu/11. But when I set it to 400, prime 95 crashs within a min or two. At the auto setting prime 95 seems to run fine. Is the memory bad or is this normal?
My comp specs are as follows:
cpu= amd64 3200+ Newcastle core @ 2200mhz 754 pin
Motherboard= Asus k8n-e-deluxe
running stock speed
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  1. That FSB:DRAM= 100 Mhz you saw on the CPU-Z result is just the QDR version of 400MHZ I supposed.
  2. I confuses me why it wouldnt read 200 mhz though? Is it dividing the speed by 4? I have not read about this anywhere. Should I not be able to go 1/1 with the bus speed instead of 2/1 or 4/1 which ever it is. Can anyone explain just what is going on here? I just want to better understand these timings.
  3. DDR400 is what its equal to (double data rate or DDR) but internally runs at half the speed (200mhz), so 200mhz x 2 (DOUBLE data rate) = 400mhz
  4. ok..I understand what your saying. but what I was wondering is why CPU-Z only shows to speed at 100mhz. The bios boot shows it at 200 mhz. I have checked the model #'s on the internet and they spec at ddr-400 so they should show in CPU-Z at 200. I must be the only one who has had this question. Have any of you looked at CPU-Z on your comps and ever seen this?...It just makes me wonder what my mem speed really is? Any other programs that you might know that i can get another check of this?

    Thanks for the replys you all---much appreiated - :lol: ..and thanks Psyno for the link!
  5. can you give us a snapshot of it... its official speed should be the one on the "Frequency".
  6. ok... here is a link to some pics of the CPU-Z and bios boot and bios settings. I have tried to set to "auto" and the settings are the same, I have also tried to set to "400" in the manual setting and it will not pass Prime 95 at that setting

    Any thoughts or advice would be very kind... 8O ....
    thanks in advance
  7. I'm not so sure if this will fix it.
    Try the Following:
    1.set the CAS# latency to 3
    2.DRAM CAS to RAS delay to 3 CLK
    3.DRAM RAS precharge time to 3 CLK
    4.DRAM active time to 8 CLK.
  8. oh i see what you mean - it must be running at 100mhz (200mhz DDR which is what the bios is listing), check your bios again and manually set your ram timings and ratio (or change it from whatever it is), if that dont work update the bios.

    On the other hand is your cpu and HTT speed correct?
  9. I cant seem to figure out how to set the ratio for the cpu to ddrram timings? I'm not sure which adjustment to make for this? Can anyone advise me on this...My motherboard is a Asus k8n-e Deluxe and i have the most current bios update #1011

    thanks for all the help you all are giving me... :lol:
  10. im starting to wonder if its just misreads - the timings point to the ram running at 400mhz but everything else (bios and cpuz) doesnt... it should be in the bios somewhere in advanced or chipset features or something - list what options you got.
  11. CPUz reads my ram (4x512 XMS2 Pro at 533mhz@3-3-3-7) and it says the frequency is only 126mhz. But at the bios it says 533. So the 126mhz is the bus speed of the ram not the actual frequency. But at first it got me confused though. :D
  12. Thanks Chuckshissle for that reply! Then perhaps it is running correctly....I have tried overclocking the processor to 240 x 10 instead of 220 x 11 and the cpu-z showed an increase of the frequency to 120 from 110. I dont think this bios gives me the choise of being able to do multipliers for the cpu/ddrram divider. all I can find is a choise of seclecting from 200 up t0 400 mhz speeds, so im thinking this must be the divider section. In my manual it does say that the cpu/ddrram speeds are adjustable in the front section of the manual.

    Another thing I had discovered: I have two sticks of Kingston @ 512 meg and a 1 gig stick of an off brand that the local store said was the same...but it not...from some company i've never heard of before called "Spec-Tec Inc."
    So I have two more questions for you......

    1st...and i think I know the answer..but could this be causing me some probs as far as trying to step up the mem speed..cause i can seem to push this stuff much at all

    and you think if i switch to some good ram such as corsair that I will get better stability over this cheap ram..
    I have found some Corsair that seems to be a good price and i have a friend who will buy my 1 gig stick so i can put that towards the better ram

    This is a link to the ram i am thinking of purchasing .....


    I have to decide today to get this any input would sure be a blessing!!!

    THANKS for all the support and help!!!!
  13. In order to take advantave of DDR you need to install in piars. That single stick of 1 gig is killing you, knocking you back to single speed.
  14. So if I change from the set up that I have to (2) 1 gig sticks is this going to help?

    Then perhaps that is why I seem to be having strange readings on the speed?
  15. Your problem lies in that single stick. RAM will only run as fast as the slowest stick, and that's probably a stick of 100Mhz RAM. Try uninstalling the single 1GB stick and seeing what your memory runs at.
  16. hehe...I tookout that 1 gig stick and now the cpu-z reads 200mhz in the frequency field on just the two sticks of 512 kingston value ram.....sooo..either this stick is not what it is rated at..(checked the mfg. website and it's supposed to be pc3200. the sticker on the stick itself even says pc3200), or my board can handle these different type of mem sticks.

    So..this question is next.....My board is a socket 752 amd and has only 3 mem slots. I really want to have 2 gig of ram, i do play WOW and have seen times in the task manager when i'm using better then 1.6 gig of memory. So then I need to replace all this with just two 1 gig sticks if i want it to run right. Is this correct?
  17. I seem to recall from other posts that some older AMD-64 MB's have timing problems with two 1Gig sticks.
  18. Quote:
    So..this question is next.....My board is a socket 752 amd and has only 3 mem slots. I really want to have 2 gig of ram, i do play WOW and have seen times in the task manager when i'm using better then 1.6 gig of memory. So then I need to replace all this with just two 1 gig sticks if i want it to run right. Is this correct?

    You said your mobo is an Asus K8N-E Deluxe, right?
    So it's not that old as someone pointed before.

    The specs for the ram found on Asus website says:
    3 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets support max. 3GB DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 ECC/non-ECC un-buffered DDR SDRAM memory

    So i believe any PC3200 DDR400 can do it, despite it's not dual channel.
    I don't know if 1GB sticks give problems in this motherboard but it is supposed to work with them per specs definitions.
    Spend a little more money and think installing a couple of good PC3200 with heat sinks and latency equal to CL2.5 or less, for better results.

    Hope this helps.
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