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:oops: Hi Guys,
I own Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo and going on reading reviews it seems that chipset fan either blows or overheats. Is there any cooling device I can buy to prevent the chipset fan frm damage? I read a few suggestions such as Northbridge heatsink or Vantec Iceberg any suggestions would gladly be appreciated.
I currently hve four 80mm Antec fans in case.
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  1. I bought a sli delux mobo over 4 months ago, take care of it, nothing will happen to it. just because people say they had problems doesnt mean you will. it all depends on your set up. dont go spending money on stuff you dont need. i work at best buy and i always hear people trying to sell customers stuff that doesnt matter what so ever, but makes them think they will need to get it. you dont. and again, thats covered under warranty anyways, so dont buy stuff you dont need to, im sure IF it does go bad one day, you can live without a computer for 7 days to wait for a replacement. RIght now i have asus sli delux mobo , 7800 gtx amd 4000+ @ 2.62 ghz , with 5 case fans, keep it cool at 28 idle. dont waste money. unless your rich.
  2. THKS your input was greatly appreciated I am not rich but I'm runnig AMD X2 3800 o/c 2.2ghz BFG 6600GT o/c 128mbDDR3 2GIG Kingston PC3200 DDR 400 mhz ram but my system temp is 31-32oC max I hve seen it gone up to is 38oC.
  3. I've same board, the fan works nice. Though I've removed that metal cover from it. The best way you can do with it, is to install fan speed controller :)) that will save your ears, and my chipset fan runs at 2k rpm less, it colls and works much quiet :)
  4. I also have that mobo. And I posted a topic about how to control the fan's speed. Didn't get an answer, but I decided to try just unplugging the fan. Now it naturally doesn't spin anymore (aah, so quiet ;)) but the mobo temp didn't raise for more than two degrees celsius. It's at 38 degrees now, which is definitely cool enough. Even under stress the temperature doesn't rise over 40.

    That's what I suggest, just disconnect the power from it. That's very easy, just look at the wires coming out of the fan and follow them and disconnect the plug there. Even I could do it :D

    That way the fan won't be damaged at all! :P

    (seriously, try it)
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