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I have 2 computers connected via a HUB. One computer has a solid connection - incredibly fast and no problems. The other computer just crashed - I can't 'repair' or 'renew the IP address', and when it is connected (like now) it's incredibly slow only through Microsoft related products. Netscape is fast but Internet Explorer is slow.

Any solutions? I'd like to be able to hit 'renew' under Net Connections and have it back to normal but for some reason it is not working.
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  1. How is the connection if you bypass the hub?
    are you running off a cable modem? If so you are only getting one ip address from the modem unless your set up to get more from your isp.
    if the connection is still slow you may have a bad nic. try switching the nics around and see what happens.
    if the problem goes away by-passing the hub then get a router with a 4 port switch instead.
    good luck
  2. I thought a hub takes in the connection and splits them by the number of ports on that hub. So a 100Mbs connection would be split by 4 if you have a 4 port hub.

    i heard a switch does not split the connection speeds. I think that may be the probleM???

    If you only have two comps and one cable modem, then a router would have been your best choice.
  3. a hub will send the signal to all computers whether they want it or not. Only the computer that needed the data will accept it. A switch only sends signals that are needed to each computer. In other words the signal from computer A to computer C will not be seen at all by computer B.
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