Connecting my mac to speakers

So i am not entirely sure where to begin, but this is what I am looking for. I currently gained 4 speakers. each have a plus and minus cable.
two fisher model STM-DA300 (25W peak)
two Smaller sony speakers, (20w peak)

i have a mac os x, and would like to hook these guys up. i was thinking of using a wireless audio adapter to a amplifier or some other stereo...

something like those items, or any better ideas? like airport or whatever you can think of. I am really not all too sure of how to go about this, so please help this rookie out. THANK YOU :)
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  1. Wireless audio sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't work nearly as well in practice. I would avoid it if possible.

    Now, you are at least on the right track. If your speakers are not computer speakers, then you will need some kind of receiver or amp to bridge the gap. From there, you will just need to get something fairly simple like a 3.5mm stereo to composite stereo cable. The rest is fairly simple I would think.
  2. sounds good, I just wanted to see if I could go above and beyond a little :P

    thanks for the tip and help! really appreciate it.
  3. Most contemporary Mac's Macs have TOSlink out (optical digital). ...and of course most contemporary receivers accept TOSlink connections. You just need the adapter and cable. If going over and above is still a desire you may want to consider this for the best possible sound quality.
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