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dual processor mobo + processors, etc. for sale

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January 18, 2002 10:57:30 PM

Currently have a Tyan Tiger 133 Mobo with dual PIII 800's (with heatsinks + 133 FSB). Also loaded on it is gig of PC133 SDRAM and a 400W power supply. Asking $375.00

Also have an Oxygen GVX210 graphics board up for grabs. Has 64 megs of RAM, OpenGL, D3D, and all the other nice supported modes. Originally a $1,200.00 card... puttin' up for $350.00

Any offers, questions etc.. send to:

More about : dual processor mobo processors sale

January 18, 2002 10:58:25 PM

Also have other additional components that I could add to this, just ask!
January 19, 2002 4:31:43 PM

Could you be a bit more precise. Mobo model No., Type of RAM etc.

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January 20, 2002 11:18:07 AM

Are you willing to split any of the components mentioned?

May all your pins remain unbent. :) 
January 23, 2002 2:24:49 PM

I am looking for a slot 1, 133 fsb, pentium 3. 1.0 gig down to 866 mhz.
Please contact me at

thank you


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January 29, 2002 4:58:43 PM

are you willing to split the PIIIs?

I wouldn't mind the PIII if the price was right and Nork is looking for a PIII as well...
May 5, 2002 1:27:10 PM

Have you sold your dual p3 system yet?