Can i use my 36.7 Raptor in a Raid array?

I'm planning on putting together this system. I currently have a 36.7 GB raptor drive i bought about 1 year ago. If i bought another 36.7 raptor drive could I (should I) run a raid 0 array with the two of them? Or... since the drive i have now is a bit older.. could they be different enough it would not work? Or is it really not even worth it?

Processor: Opteron 165
Motherboard: ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
Memory: G.Skill Extreme 2GB Kit DDR500
Power Supply: XG Vortec 600 Watt ATX
Video Card: nVidia 7800GTX PCI-E 256MB

Thank you. Also, anybody see any problems with the setup?
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  1. It works fine, just the slower drive will govern the stripe set read/writes.
    Also, same applies with drives of different brand and speed and size.
    You can mix and match, but performance is dependant on slowest drive.
    Your case not enough difference to notice in real world, so I would say a very good match, only better match would be buying the two at the same time from same distributer.
  2. Thank you.
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