Pentium D 830 vs Pentium D 930

These chips are both dual core, and both 3.0 GHz. The only real differences I can see are that the 930 has more L2 Cache, and that they use different cores. The 830 uses the 90 nm Smithfield, while the 930 uses the 65 nm Presler.

I'm seeing a lot of people talking about heat issues with the 65 nm Presler, there's not so much heat issue discussion with the 90 nm Smithfiled.

What I'm wondering is if the the 830 90 nm Smithfiled may be the better buy. I think I'd rather have a cool running 830 than a hot running 930. Heat increases resistance, and resistance slows speed. So may it'd be best to go with the 830 90 nm Smithfield.

I'm curious as to what other have to say about this, comments are invited.

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  1. The 930 is supposed to be cooler than the 830.
    No matter how you slice it, it's just a question of a decent hsf.
    You would probably be better off going to one of Amd's offerings, depending on your software usage.
  2. 9xx are cooler than 8xx and consumes less due to 65 nm techonlogy whille 8xx still use 90 nm.
  3. Maybe its true that intels speedstep isnt enabled on 65nm chips? but the 830 is 90nm and the 930 is 65nm and it should be colder and overclock further.

    Actually wasnt it the newer intel hsfs that dont mount as easy???

    Yeah AMDs at the moment are colder and quicker if your worried, but (atleast here in Australia) the Intel dual cores are cheaper then any AMD dual core so they make an interesting buy here...
  4. I would get the 930. As long as the HSF is installed right, you won't have any problems.
  5. Get the Presler.
  6. Yes, Presler good, Prescott bad!
  7. hehe

    get AMD
  8. There is no doubt if you are going to buy an Intel you need to get the 9xx series. I would also consider a chip from AMD more performance for the price and even less heat.
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