How to check if dual core is detected?


I have finally built the system
AMD Athlon X2 4400+
2GB Patriot RAM etc etc....

I have installed the Nvidia Chipset software, and windows hotfix...

how can i know if the computer recognises both the cores...?

in device shows 2 processor...

but how to see 2 processors on task manager? and how can i assign certain processes to processor 1 and certain processes to processor 2...please help

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  1. If you look at the performance chart on task manager, you'll see 2 seperate graphs, one for each chart.
  2. but how to assign a certiain process into processor1 or processor2?
  3. I don't think this can be done. The purpose of having dual cores is to multitask with both cores. If the particular program is dual core capable, it will utilize both cores.

    I just don't know or think there is a way to physically assign tasks per core in Windows. I could be wrong.
  4. Firtly, can you see 2 charts (side by side) in the task manager performance tab ? If yes, then the 2 cores are recognised.

    Assuming both cores are recognised, to set a process to a specific core, right-click the process and select 'Set affinity' - you can then assign to either core (default should be both).

    However, how to have this defaulted each time the program starts, I'm not so sure. Maybe there's a switch you could add to the shortcut for the program. I will check that out.

    Edit: spellcheck :)
  5. oh ok, kewl. I wasn't sure if there was a way to do that. For me, I don't need to really bother with it but it's good to know. Thanks
  6. tbh, I haven't found a need for it. I came across it earlier cos I was looking for a fix for KOTOR not running on dual cores. Seems this problem is related to the dual core optimisations with the latest forceware 80xx series drivers. However, I digress...(and fixed that problem with a registry change)

    Regarding the use of a switch in program shortcuts to set processor affinity, I fairly sure this isn't possible for all programs (ie. I don't believe there is a windows switch).

    However, there are some programs that have a switch available (eg. folding program), but these have been written into the programs.
  7. THG put out a util a while ago that lets programs start up with a specific cpu affinity set. Unless you've got a program that has problems running on both cores I really don't see a need for it.

    Thief: Deadly Shadows is the only game I've come across that absolutely refuses to work with a dual core.
  8. Some games don't like the dual cores. I know Lego Star Wars is one of them!
  9. I realise we're going way off topic here, but just in case someone happens on this thread using a search, this is what I found.

    Due to dual core optimisations in nVidia Forceware drivers, a number of games do not work well with dual core processors. nVidia then implemented a method of disabling these dual core optimisations in release 81.98. Unfortunately, it's a registry hack, and apparently not well documented in the release notes.

    The following link explains how to make the necessary registry change, depending on whether the game is OpenGL or D3D.

    Back on topic, that's a nice utility HawkEye22. I'll make a note of it in case I ever find a reason to use it (still haven't thought of one yet, but you never know)
  10. To set the affinity of a program, under task manager, you can right click on an applicaton and go to process, or you can go directly to the processes, then right click on process and go to set affinity. From there, you can limit a program to a specific core.
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