Please chk my tempratures for me...

Hi all...

Here are the tempratures from my computer...i used PC Wizard 2006... i am a newbie with i dont know what is the norm..

Processor Temprature = 25 C
Mainboard Temprature = 33 C
Power/Aux Temprature = 70 C (i am worried here)
GPU Tempratre = 46 C
Hard Disk Temp = 48 C

My Specs:
AMD Athlon X2 4400+
2 GB Patriot RAM
250GB Western Digital HDD
Leadtek GeForce 7800 GT VIVO

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  1. I assume these are idle temperatures? Atleast the CPU temp feels too low for air cooling if it was LOAD. Anyways it is looking good until we come to the PSU and HDD. 48C for Hard drive is pretty high not to mention 70C on PSU.

    You should try to check if those sensors are working properly. Just touch the HDD and see if it is hot. It should feel hot.

    What is your PSU?
  2. Pretty warm in there. You can keep a snack warm in there until you need it.
    Are there sensors attached to the PSU and HD ?
  3. Quote:
    not to mention 70C on PSU.

    That's not PSU. It's the PWM(MOSFET area) temperature on the mobo.

    The acceptable temp for PWM is ~52C.
    It sounds like you're using watercooling because PWM is cooled by exaust air from HSF.Where exactly is that? Is that the area around the CPU?

    My board has that 3rd number around 80, but I haven't been able to find anythign that is even remotely that hot.
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