Please help!Which dimm to choose?

Hello and congratulations for your excellent site!!!AWESOME :D
My pc is a P4 2.0 with a gigabyte 8iexp 1.2 mobo and 384mb of ram ddr266.
My problem is that this memory isn't enough for winxp and applications like photoshop,video editing software,etc so i am thinking to remove the 2 dimms and install one 1GB dimm.
The problem is that this mobo supports dimms ddr 266mhz and don't know if i can install others.
I have found a dimm of 1GB DDR2 667Mhz (PC5300) for about 100$.Can be fitted on my mobo or i should buy a DDR 400 dimm?
1GB dimm or 2x512?
Can i overclock the P4 2.0 to 2.6?Now i can only reach 2.3ghz.
Thanks a lot guys!
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  1. Do Not get DDR2 for your computer. The DDR400 is backwards compatible to 266Mhz, 1gig stick should be fine. As for the overclocking you might get better with the new memory, each overclocks differently, so your mileage will very.
  2. OK THANKS buddy! :D
    I'll get a 1GB dimm ddr400!
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