Painting the inside of my case-ground issues?

Got a new case painted the outside Ferrari Yellow (automotive Base coat with clearcoat)(ya it's HOT) now thinkin of painting the inside and the back High gloss Black! Now my question is will I have grounding issues with my drives and cards or are they all grounded thruogh the power supply?
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  1. Hello any body out there?????? Is this too stupid of a question for youall?? Simple question if i paint the inner case inner and outer will there be grounding issues????? Do the drives ground thru the power suppy only or do they ground thru the screws that attach the drives to the case???? Do the cards ground thru the case on the back??? Or thru the mother board??? COME ON SOMEONE ANSWER ME PLEASE!!!!!!! Im goin back to the paint shop tommarrow need an answer soon!!!???????
  2. It doesn't really matter if you paint your pc case all over. The ground is already taken care of by the psu. The acrylic case pc for example which is made of plastic. So paint away my man, paint it hot pink. :D
  3. Chucks right, the PSU should take care of all that... Case really doesnt have anything to do with grounding, as that would be a MAJOR safety issue...(Imagine youre touching the case when the video card decides it needs to ground thru the case....ow) :D
  4. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!!!!! Yes that makes sence....never thought of an acrylic case DUH!!.......Paintin away......
    Thanks guys........
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  5. :roll: Surprized myself you got a straight answer considering your second post... Just over the top considering what you are paying for these services...
  6. Just helping to confirm the facts...yes, it's OK to paint the interior and exterior of the case. Grounding is handled by the PSU. Make sure you post some pics of the finished product!!!
  7. doglips, it amazing that anybody would answer you with that attitude in your 2nd post
  8. Actually you're wrong. Cases are designed to join to the ground plane of a motherboard, through the standoffs. Of course this is meant to reduce RFI and the grounding is redundant.

    In a perfect system the outside of the power supply grounds to the case as well as the ground plane on the motherboard, resulting in the least possible RFI, but heck, nobody cares, and careless people even make Acrylic cases.
  9. The vast majority of PC power supplies tie the motherboard and peripherals to earth ground through the black ground wires, but a few don't because their black wires are kept separate from earth ground inside the supply, except at high frequencies. With such supplies it's important for the motherboard, drives, and supply to all be grounded well to the computer case, and it's possible that a good paint job will prevent this. Old IBM or Mitsubishi desktop cases were masked off before painting to keep the metal bare around the screw holes, so I would remove the paint there or at least take ohm measurements to verify low-resistance grounding.
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