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ok im looking for some help. this is the biggest online community i know of and belong too, with alot of knowledgeable people.

im looking for online poker apps that allow free roll tourney play. i like poker alot but playing for play money just isnt realistic cuz no one cares. i have tried poker stars, party poker, absolute poker and royal vegas. only absolute and royal vegas have freerolls that dont require anything to play. no frequent player point requirments or anything like that just a chance at free money.

so hopefully u know some others. trying to get enough so i can play a freeroll tourney at any part of the day :)
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  1. empirepoker has free tourneys

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  2. thanks ill check that out
  3. "Momma says poker is the devil!" [/Bobby Boucher]

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  4. does anyone know of places that give u free money. i know royal vegas and pacific poker due 10$ with sign up.
  5. free money huh. sure. trust me, they get that 10 bucks back.

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  6. i know, cant u tell i lost it or i wouldnt be looking for more. its just more exciting when u play for money, but im not good so im not going to transfer anymoney into it :).

    still loking for some
  7. Empirepoker is what I recommend.

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